Organizer/Planner Freaks

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  1. Dear Simone and Tokidoki headquarters,

    Could you possibly make a cute planner and Tokidoki refills? I'm in need of a new planner and I would just love if it was filled with Simone's artwork!



    P.S. is there one that i possibly don't know about?!?! PLEASE TELL ME!!!

    otherwise i'll be drooling over the LV Monogram Vernis Small Ring Agenda Cover in Pomme D'Amour. Which is ridiculously out of my price range.

    Especially since i'm still looking for my perfect BV Spiaggia!
  2. ooh a toki planner and refills ... sounds cute! I'd love that too.

    Hmm still haven't pre-ordered the journal and stationary ... must get on that ...
  3. mMmhhmmmM sounds cute -- I'd definitely buy it!

    JenY, get on that! pre-order! haha.
  4. Count me in too! Sounds great!

  5. Where are you preordering it from? I definitely want to get my hands on it. :smile:
  6. good idea! im about to go to college next year and would LOVE the plan all of my schoolwork/parties (hhahaha) in a cute tokidoki planner!!!!
  7. i can just imagine all the cute refills there would be if tokidoki had some! :amuse:
  8. You can pre-order it from ... pre-orders are 20% off!! :biggrin:
  9. i'd like some tokidoki stickers to put on my moleskine planner:P
  10. dollypink - the stationary set comes with tokidoki stickers :yes:
  11. awesome thank you! I just placed mine. :smile:
  12. i'm so happy..after searching for a thread which mentioned the journal pre-order...i finally found one. and i pre-ordered a journal and stationary set. :P can't wait to get it.
  13. So, I'm wanting to pre-order the stationery set as well as the journal....and they ask about Pre-order Shipping Frequency, "How often would you like us to ship you your pre-orders and subscriptions?" "Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly" What did you all check? I'm sure it doesn't really matter since we are not pre-ordering comic subscriptions? Just curious.....