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  1. does anyone ever wonder or know why LV won’t create something actually stylish and functional such as this. The artsy pockets on the inside are kinda organizable however you can’t get anything in or out of the top. Frustrating. And the bag organizers you can buy are great but.... just curious.

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  2. More pockets = more material & labour = Higher costs.

    I also think a lot of premier designers like to keep things simple. It’s the more inexpensive (and functional) bags that have the pockets.
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  3. Take a look at the Anya Hindmarch bespoke Ebury tote!
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    I totally get that it would cost more but honestly we are already way over paying for bags so I think people would pay more for a bag that was actually functional. Today’s woman,(and men),wear many hats wouldn’t it be nice to have a bag that was stylish that could go from work organized, to my kids school event, to holding extra weekend items without changing bags for every event. The neverfull is great but looks like I’m carrying an oversized beach tote around that becomes a bottom less pit.
  5. Will do!
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  6. I actually prefer it simple like this. I'm not saying I never appreciate structure - back pockets, or middle-pockets like Montaigne or Lockme are awesome and I use them, but I wouldn't want a bag like you have in the picture.

    First off it would be very specific - I find that a lot of bags like that have some tiny pockets (presumably for people who carry lipsticks and stuff?) but I don't want or need those. And for example the bottle holder there seems nice in theory, but would most likely make the bag look a bit uneven depending on how full it is.

    Overall I like the flexibility of minimalism, and IF I wanted a bag organizer, they're so cheap and customizable that I don't see the problem. I COULD, however, 100% get behind LV themselves selling the inserts. Just not stuck to the bag please!
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  7. All valid points @Lejic but is there not room for at least one style bag like this in their line-up?
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  8. Here you go...
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  9. @kbell thanks for taking the time to post that. Will look into that bag as well.