Organized my bags!

  1. I know there have been threads on this subject before but I can't find them using the search function.

    I just reorganized my bags and I am feeling so much better! I don't have pictures but I use these 2 things from Bed, Bath & Beyond. I think one is supposed to be used to store your sweaters- it's a hanging contraption you hang in your closet. I use that, plus another contraption that you hang from your closet door- I think the original use was to hang baseball caps. But I use it to hang my lighter weight bags.

    For me, if I don't see a bag, then I sort of forget I have it.

    Plus, I also emptied out my bags- found so many goodies including $60 :p
  2. I know, I have to see them all too. I have them lined up on shelves in my closet, with a label/picture on the outside telling me what's in the dustbag. I'm such a dork!:shame:
  3. do you have any pictures? i'd love to figure out how to do that!!!
  4. I don't have any pics, but here are the exact products I use:

    The baseball cap organizer (but I hang my bags with this):

    The sweater organizer. Perfect for the bags I don't want to hang:

    With the baseball cap one, I only have about 2-3 bags on each. I've told myself that if I cannot contain all the bags that I own in these 2 organizers, than I have too many bags :nuts: With the sweater organizer, I do have 2 smaller bags in each hole- those are my going out bags. Oh, and some of my bags don't fit in either holder, like my Balenciaga Work bag, it's too big, so I just keep it in my closet. But I can clearly see it.

    Hope that helps!
  5. Plus, in my area, I am constantly getting coupons for 20% so organizing is also very affordable. The site has a lot of other really good organizing tools.
  6. I like those ideas..I actually have some stored in one of those hanging sweater things, and the upscale a wooden box trunk I got from Target...
  7. I wish I closet space for the hanging organizer. I would love one but despite a rather large closet, I have no more space to hang things! Sweaters and good shoes are on the top shelf, and everyday shoes are on the floor - so, I have most of my bags stored in a wooden chest from Ikea. We had this in the living room as a coffee table for a while, then we got real furnature (no visable screws!), and I moved this into the bedroom for a table.

    This is the only way I can figure out what's in there - plastic name badges with bag name/style on the outside:

    org1.JPG org6.JPG

    Obviously, lots of Coach in there - other bags have had to share space on the shelf on top of the shoes boxes.
  8. In my closet there is a pole for hanging items, and then right above that is a shelf. I always feel like shelf space gets wasted because you can only put so much up there without making it difficult to get stuff down.

    I bought $9.99 plastic shelves from WalMart. You assemble them, and they're 4 tiers. I assemble them but in half, so I have two sets of two shelves, and set them on top of the closet shelf to create more shelves. I store my bags on those shelves, in their dustbags. They're not stacked on top of one another so I don't risk removing one and having a whole pile fall on me, and it's making good use of space that would normally be wasted. :smile:
  9. I have mine labeled like you do, yvalenz. I've seen those baseball cap racks, but never thought of using them for purses. I think I'll get one for my purses that don't have dustbags.
  10. I use vertical sweater organizers too. They are gentle on my bags, yet can be easily moved if I need room in the closet when I have company...
  11. Oooohhhh, I love these storage ideas. I need to organize my bags better
  12. i use a similar hangbag thingy. also store some way up top, but DH has to reach those, so they tend to b out of season or less used bags and carryons. i liek my little clutches down low. they get lost up top!