Organizational Tips for Bag Switchers

  1. How do you keep from losing things when switching from one bag to another? This is probably my biggest complaint when I switch bags--a check I forgot to deposit (small ones!), a lost gift card, etc, often end up in stray pockets of bags I hadn't used in awhile.

    Does anyone have any organizational tips for bag switching? Here are a few that have helped me:

    1. Have a large basket in my closet that everything gets emptied into when switching bags...that way they have a central landing place,

    2. Use a couple of wristlets and pouches for most common items I need to carry with me and move them,

    3. A purse organizer also helps but I haven't been using it as often as I should!

    Do you have any tips to help fellow bag switchers?:tup:
  2. I try to make sure everything is either stuffed in my wallet or stuffed in the purse organizer thing, not in pockets that are part of the bag. But when I do it I dump the whole bag on my bed.
  3. I've learned that I have to stay away from too many pockets in a bag because things can get so easily tucked away and forgotten that way! Better to keep everything in a purse organizer of some sort.

    Also, I think this gets harder to keep track of when you sometimes use your purse as a pseudo briefcase..lots of switching happening there!
  4. Good question - I've struggled with this too, which is why I don't switch bags as often as I'd like to! My solution:

    (1) I bought zippered mesh pouches at Target (aprx 4x5" & 3x4", in their office supply section, I think). I use one of them for gift cards, receipts, coupons, & other small pieces of paper and another for the other essentials - lipstick/gloss, small lotion tube, bandaids, other small sundries I like to carry, etc. - and I switch those from bag to bag. Reduces the clutter I have to paw thru when I'm looking for something, and because it's mesh, it's lightweight & easy to see what's inside.

    (2) With the mesh bags, the only other major things I have to switch, then, are my wallet, cell phone, pen & keys.

    (3) Funny, I also bought a purseket but I don't use this often either, as it seems to work best in large purses that don't have compartments. I currently keep my purseket in a large smooshy-leather bag and use it mainly to help this bag maintain its shape. (I don't like when bags puddle to the ground when you put them down.)

    I'd like to hear how others organize their stuff & keep from forgetting things when they switch bags too!
  5. I used to use a purse organizer but found it did not fit every bag, so it sits in my closet now.

    Corraling things in one large cosmetic case works for me. Mine is soft fabric and squished down if need be to fit a smaller bag. It holds all of my odds and ends, maxi pads, lipgloss, makeup, eye drops. I add my keys, cell, wallet and my appt. book, that's IT.
  6. I use a small chameleon (genious invention) in combination with a cosmetics pouch. :tup:
  7. Chameleon insert combined with checking all the pockets!
  8. Chameleon all the way!

  9. I love the idea of the mesh'd be able to see things that way. I'd need one for kid goodies--crayons, small notebook, etc. and one for my other stuff.

    LadySalesRep--loved the picture! You might be onto something by putting everything in one larger case!
  10. I just have separate holders for everything - so I carry a wallet, a cosmetic case and a wristlet or two to hold receipts or other things. This way when I change bags there isn't much of anything that is "free" in my bag, so it doesn't get missed or unnoticed. The wristlet for receipts REALLY helped me, because those were the easiest for me to lose.
  11. Chameleon...they are the best invention ever! I bought one for all my girlfriends for Christmas!
  12. I, too, use a chameleon (small is the most versatile for me). I also:
    1. Use the same small pouches to hold the same types of items (yellow nylon cosmetic for DS's meds, neoprene pouch for kids' treats, etc.). This way, even if I change bags, I know that the same pouch contains the same items always.

    2. I utilize all the pockets in my bags, but I take photos of the bags with the items in all the appropriate pockets when I have found a layout that works. I usually remember where to put things, but at least this way, I have a photo reference.
  13. Wow! You take photos of the layout? Can I get you to come over to my house and help me get organized? I bet you can find anything, anywhere! That's awesome!:tup:
  14. I keep typically 3 things in my bag: my makeup bag with my makeup and misc things (little thing of lotion, visine allergy, hair tie, etc), my wallet, and my keys with LV cles attached (holds also misc. things - such as a small pack of mints and my USB drive). When I come home I place those 3 things on my counter and put my bag back in it's place on my bag shelf. Now, the next day when choosing a bag to go with my outfit, I simply place those 3 things back in the bag of my choice. No confusion or complications. No hassle at all :tup:
  15. I use a squishy zipped bag that looks just like ladysalesrep's! The lining ripped out of it and now it is lined with silk from a shrunk one too many times shirt. It is so pretty. I still lose stuff. My tape measure and little pen for my agenda are not where they belong at the moment!