Organization of clothes, shoes, etc.

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  1. How does everyone organize their clothes, shoes, bags, hats, scarves, coats, etc. I have a very big closet but I also have too much stuff, so I feel overwhelmed. What do you do with your seasonal stuff, do you put it in a box and store it? I have like a zillion pair of jeans and I don't know where to put them all. Also, what about your bags, where do keep those? Clothes, coats, etc. take up so much room. I try to organize my closet but I just can't seem to make everything fit nice and orderly. :confused1:
  2. I store my seasonal items in boxes and take them to the attic until it´s time for them again. Other organizational skills are poor with me.
  3. I sooo need help with this. I basically try to just jam everything into my closet or the extra bedroom closet and keep it hung up. But, once I take something out of the closet, I just dump it on the extra bed. That thing is now just a bottomless pit of jumbled up clothing that now spills onto the floor.

    I also have clothes that are on their way "out" -- to be donated -- in plastic bins in the basement b/c I'm not quite sure if I might not want to wear them again at some point.

    I'm an organizational disaster...
  4. I keep my out of season clothes in the guest room closet -- I have shelves in there for shorts, sweaters, etc.

    Bags are in pillow cases on a little shelf thing -- ugly but protected.

    Tops are hung by color, rather than style. White, beige, brown, black on the top rack. Red, grey, green, blue and patterned on the bottom.

    Slacks are hung either with their matching jacket if they are part of a suit or on one of these, by color.[​IMG]

    I keep my jeans folded on a shelf, just because it is easier, but those multi hangers work really well for jeans, too.
  5. I have a pretty large closet so I don't need to switch things out seasonally, I do have a place for heavier clothes and then everything else is mixed in. I find that having a closet professionally organized is a HUGE help! My closet originally just had the single bars, which is horrible for organization. So when I had it done I had sections created to suit my needs. I'm also a dork and organize things by color... So with in each section it is all done by color and it makes it look much more organized that way too.
  6. I need to learn organizational skills. I know how to shop, but how to store is somehting I think I need to be taught.
  7. All of my clothes go in my closet, whether "in season" or not. I can often find a good use for "summer" pieces in winter, so I just keep everything in there year round. I have a small, Manhattanite closet, but everything still fits in there with plenty of room to spare. My clothing is organized by type (skirts, tees, tops, sweaters, pants, jackets, etc.- suits get split up into their separate categories as I often wear the pieces separately) and within that, sleeve or hem length, and then by color.

    All of my shoes, however, do not fit in my closet, so I switch them twice a year when I clean my closet out (once at the beginning of spring, once at the beginning of fall). Shoes wearable for fall and winter are currently lined up neatly on the floor, and spring and summer shoes are in a box under my bed waiting for their turn.

    On the top shelf of the closet, I installed cube storage. There are three cubes. Bags go in one cube (yes, it is a bit crowded but it's also a BIG cube, so they do fit). Another contains scarves, and another contains hats and gloves.

    On the bottom of the closet, next to my shoes, is a Goodwill bag that i fill on an ongoing basis when I get tired of things or they wear out, etc.

    In my dresser drawers, I keep underwear, socks/tights, and PJs. Everything else I prefer to hang up.

    In the front closet, downstairs, I keep my most frequently used bags (so they can be there when I switch them out for work each day) and all my outerwear.

    I ALWAYS PUT EVERYTHING AWAY. When something comes off my body it goes either to its place as described above, or in the dry cleaning hamper (which my husband empties and takes in once a week) or in the laundry hamper (which I empty and do laundry once a week.) If you let yourself throw clothing on the floor/bed/etc., your organization will quickly disintegrate!

    I think that's about all. If you have a manageable amount of clothing, that helps but really it's just coming up with a system and sticking to it.
  8. I have a big dressing room that has two closets in it. On the right side are my tops and dresses. On the left side, pants and skirts.

    A majority of my tops, i fold... so i sort them out by (a) basic -- one solid colors > one pile of short sleeves and one pile for long sleeves (b) basic two toned - I.E. mustard top w/ burgandy lace details (c) patterned -- i.e paisley print (d) anything w/ writing on it --- this is really because of my D&G tops. (d) all black tops are in their own separate pile. ---- This doesn't include my sweaters --- they are all together. I tried to organize them by color, sleeve length, etc and i found this to be the most useful for me! I haven't had a hard time finding a top yet!

    I have a rack for all my jackets and hat boxes for my kangol hats, skull caps, and fur hats. All my fedora's or floppy hats are on a shelf along w/ my bags.

    My shoes are in clear boxes from the container store and stacked up on one corner.

    The goal is to have everything visual to me so i can make full use of my closet. I won't use what i don't see.
  9. Oh, also, although everyone says not to leave your clothing on the dry cleaning hangers, I always do because it helps me know when to clean things like pants, skirts, and suit jackets (all of which I always wear twice before dry cleaning). If something's still on the dry cleaning hanger, then I know it hasn't been worn. After I wear it once it goes onto a real hanger, and then when I wear it the next time I know it needs to go into the dry cleaning hamper after that.
  10. my clothes are organized by color as well as my bags and shoes. i tend to leave all my clothes in the closet wheter it's seasonal or not. i put dresses at the end where they can hang down to the floor. my jeans are together, organized by its color, from lightest to darker wash. and i also put coats, jackets, blazers etc. together but of course grouped up by the color.
  11. I'm at school with little closet space. Everything tends to start organized then turn into a huge mess! Especially bags and shoes.
  12. I am extremely lucky to have two closets in my one bedroom apartment. One is a huge walk-in the length of my bedroom and the other is smaller. Almost everything I own hangs, except my sweaters which I fold onto those hanging racks.
  13. I have two as well in our 1BR (plus the front closet by the front door)- unfortunately, one belongs to DH (as well as half the dresser.) I always think it's not quite fair for him to get half the closet and dresser space, since clearly he has nowhere near as many clothes :lol:
  14. There is a member here who turned a room into a closet and she inspired me to do the same when I buy my own home!! I will find her picture of her closet and post it up! :smile:
  15. I am lucky to have a 3 bedroom townhome with a walk-in closet in the master suite, plus 2 additional smaller closets in the other bedrooms. Sadly, however, the closets need updating as there is just one wooden bar across and not a nice shelving system.

    No matter my closet space, I do a twice yearly seasonal pack/unpack of clothes. Summer things go into a trunk in the winter and vice versa. Summer sandals go into a spare closet in the winter, and vice versa for the boots and clogs in summer. During each of these cycles, I do a ruthless purge of things to go to Goodwill. So far so good!