Organic skincare vs Premium and drugstore skincare

Apr 5, 2010
I have been using organic skincare since 2011 and whilst my skin has improved I have noticed it is becoming dehydrated.

I don't know whether to stick with the organic things I'm using or whether to go back to readily available products.

My skin is sensitive and can react to anything. What would you recommend.
Apr 5, 2010
Maybe try an oil along with your moisturizer? Just mix a drop or two in. Argan Oil is good and there are many others, too. You might need to experiment to see which one is best for your skin type.

I have just purchased some Argan Oil so will give this a go.

I have a very sensitive skin and i prefer using only organic and natural skin care products.

Which organic or natural products would you recommend? I love trying other ranges.
Sep 8, 2010
I have extremely sensitive skin and stick with organic (I pretty much have to). I don't know what line you use, but you might try face naturals. They keep me hydrated and their products soothe my skin when it becomes irritated/has flareups.

I also second Argan oil - olive oil too (organic). I use one of them in conjunction with my face naturals products.