ORGAN DONORS - Are you one ? and what do you think ?

  1. Hi all, so about 2 weeks ago I signed up to be an Organ Donor after my death (a little planning forward since im only 16 LOL) so the other day I got a letter saying that I had been accepted and Im on the list for all my organs to be donored after death and my eyes also.

    I was telling my friend (who is older than me) about this and she said that she would NEVER do this, she does not believe in it and she said that she wants to keep everything to her body.

    I told her that when shes dead, shes dead, she cannot feel anything and her organs/eyes are useless to her. But she still feels the same way about this.

    IMO I do not need these organs/eyes when Im dead so they might as well go to someone who really needs them, another life.

    What are your opinions on this and are you an organ donor ?.
  2. I'm an organ donor. I mean, what am I gonna do with my organs when I'm dead?! And my family can't do anything with them. I could actually give someone a second chance or better life.
  3. ^ Exactly:yes: I'm an organ donor also.. If I'm dead I could really care less right? Think if your closest relative or in my case, one of my children needed a transplant to live. You would pray to God that some person or family is generous enough to provide an organ so that your loved one can survive. There is such a huge organ shortage~ I feel it's the only compassionate & responsible thing to do.
  4. Yes, I've been signed up as a donor for a long time. My husband believes in being a donor, as well. It's very important to let your family members know that you want your organs donated. They let next of kin have the final say whether or not your organs are harvested.
  5. my mom is, I was thinking about it and I will sign up too
  6. Dh & I both are.
    I'm into recycling! If someone else life can be saved or made better by my parts I'm not using - why not!
  7. i am, absolutely. i know they can't use some stuff, lol. but i don't need it, i would love if a part of me could help someone else out. i know it's on my license, but i've made sure to tell my parents and my brothers (just in case).

    (did anybody watch extreme makeover home edition? this kid, maybe 16 year old, got into a wreck. he passed away, but his heart went to a girl and it saved her. the mother met this girl and it was totally making me bawl. you just NEVER know what life you can save).
  8. Oh yes, absolutely. When I'm dead I'll be in a different place and my body is just a shell I'll no longer need. If my organs, eyes, corneas, etc can help someone live (and see!) again then all the better. Who knows, god forbid any of US might need a transplant to save our own lives at some point.
  9. Yep, If I'm not going to need them anymore, then let someone else have at em' :tup:.
  10. Yes, I am an organ donor. The best gift that you can give to a person is the gift of life, and in case I lose mine, I would want my healthy organs to be given to someone in need to help them live.
  11. Yup, definitely. I will have no use for them. If a part of my body (and that's all it will be when I die, a body) can help someone else continue living then I am all for it. I personally don't understand why people wouldn't want to, but everyone has to make that decision for themselves.
  12. Definitely. And it wasn't a problematic decision at all.
  13. You shouldn't be afraid of it. At that point, you're not using them anymore, right?:pI think it is a wonderful thing to do, you can help SO many people/families through this sort of gift. Think of how many organs can go to so many people. I think its a pretty cool technological feat that we can do this and help so many people.
  14. Yes! I am an organ donor. DH is not. It really freaks him out. IDK why. Like other posters said your dead.

    I just can't imagine not allowing somebody else to live because I want my organs to rot w/ me in a coffin.
  15. Yes I've been an organ donor for years but not my eyes I don't know why I just feel strange about that but they can everything else and that's the important bit.

    I knew someone who was a transplantee he has since passed but the transplant gave him 15 years that he wouldn't have without it