Oregon State Beavers Gymnastics host Breast Cancer Awareness meet 25 Jan!

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  1. Hi Everyone! Oregon State is my alma mater and I wanted to tell everyone about the great idea the gymnastics team had 2 seasons ago. They wanted to host a meet called "Pink Out" where they would all wear pink uniforms and encourage the crowd to wear pink to support raising awareness of breast cancer. They have successfully hosted it 3 years running now, and other schools in the conference have jumped in with their own versions. OSU partners with our local hospital and women's group with a breakfast and silent auction to raise money to donate to organizations supporting the fight against breast cancer. The meet has been really successful, turning out top attendance (also due to OSU having a truly amazing team to boot), and getting great community support.

    Tonight was the third annual meet, and the Beavers handily beat the Arizona Wildcats. One of my good friends won the all around title and scored a personal best of 9.95 on the balance beam.

    Here is the link to the meet preview:

    I will post a link when they write the recap.

    I just wanted to show everyone this neat idea, the gymnastics team is innovative in combining a women's health cause with a sporting event and has inspired many people as a result. :love:
  2. our defending national champion Georgia Gym Dawgs do this too!

    gymnastics is the second most popular sport here, behind football, so i think it's great that they're using their popularity to bring attention to and raise money for a women's health issue! i'm also glad we're not the only ones doing it :smile:. more info can be had on georgiadogs.com - the graphic i posted is their front page this week.
  3. I've actually had the pleasure of watching your athletes compete :tup: I love them (not just Courtney Kupets although she is amazing). I have not missed a gymnastics meet at OSU in 7 years unless it was due to military duty. I LOVE supporting that sport. Of course I went to football-basketball-softball-baseball and a ton of other sports, but none as regularly as gymnastics.


    We were also the first team in the country to do this event :biggrin:
  4. i love our gymnastics team! my dad used to take me to meets when i was little, he'd take the afternoon off from work every now and then to bring me out to Athens. no wonder i ended up going here...

    and i know that this is the first year we've had this event, so i bet we ripped it off from y'all! so...thanks for the idea!
  5. ^^^That is so cool, honestly I love lots of other teams (LOL cept Bama and Oklahoma) and it is so neat to meet people that had a lifelong love for their school and ended up going there! I grew up rooting for Cal and eventually Texas, but ended up at OSU. GO FIGURE!!!

    It's one thing to have the original idea, but if nobody else follows it then what power does it have??? First other schools in the P-10 made a pact to piggyback off it and others followed. I think that says a lot about how important sports are in conveying social and health issues and bringing awareness. I had a professor that said "People who think that the sports world mirrors society is wrong, the sports world LEADS society and should set the standards by which we live."

    When all else fails, at least we have the playmate of the year :roflmfao:
  6. So excited to see this! My sister competes in gymnastics- going to college next year and she's joining a team there too.

    I LOVE watching gymnastics meets, and for a cause, too? Bonus!
  7. Haha! This is probably one of the only times you can use "beavers" and "breast" in the same sentence and nobody could get offended!

    . . . . Seriously, it sounds like a wonderful cause!
  8. OH the jokes we can get away with that would make our dads blush:angel: