Orders placed/Orders for February Podium

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  1. What is everyone ordering in February? What are you waiting on? I'm starting to debate what I'll order but have hit a wall. I'm hoping that your orders will give me ideas.
  2. I thought about placing an order for the fauve barenia but I am going to wait for the next podium or so....to make sure it won't get denied and I want to see what people think of the change in leather!

    but mostly I am on a handbag ban
  3. i'm ordering 0, but i can't wait to see what everyone else is getting....I can live vicariously can't i? :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  4. Sus, no help here. I think winter will be a dry season for me! I can't wait to see what others decide though!
  5. I was thinking of a Birkin but I'm not really sure of size and color. I was thinking of Ebene and maybe a green (vert anis ??) interior but not sure. And I think togo but I'm not sure if I want 30 or 35. So, I'm rather undecided. I'm going to try to get to H and figure out what I want.
  6. 32 cm HAC in barenia if I can or chevre if barenia is out, or clemence if the first two are out.

    34 cm Turquoise swift Lindy

    First POs for me. I kept dithering and finally refused the last 2 times I was offered. Third time's a charm...
  7. I'd love a certain something in chevre, waiting to hear back as to whether it's even worth getting my hopes up for it :s
  8. I hear ya, sister. I've decided as long as I'm dreaming, I'm going to dream big.
  9. croco-mite
  10. Hopefully a 35cm Birkin in clemence...either a camel color (new for '08 I think is a sable-ish camel, help with the correct color name would be MUCH appreciated :flowers:)or black...with PHW. :party:

    It's my first...so nothing too exciting (exotic or leather-wise). Just something classic that I can love forever. :cutesy:
  11. No PO's For Me Right Now :sad:
  12. Inspired by a bag I saw, Etoupe Togo with Crinoline Birkin 35cm PH

    also Noir Chevre Kelly Longue GH
  13. 35 orange togo kelly and/or 35 raisin togo birkin
  14. Since I have yet to score my dream bag, I'm going to order it. Only issue is Cuff's (my local store) requires $ down - like half and than they say it will take 2 years. I just know over that span I'll find like 5 others in boutiques I could have right away
  15. Is that like Vegemite coloured croc? LOL...actually that would be like glossy ebene croc - VERY NICE!