Orders Placed at Feb 2007 Podium (Fall 2007 orders)

  1. has anyone started getting their Fall 2007 orders placed at Podium in Feb 07?
  2. nope...still waiting.......i expect between august and november.
  3. Nope. Still waiting ...... I was told to expect the Fall shipments to drip in in Sep.
  4. i ordered a 28 kelly black croc with GH last feb, but it never went through (i was told exotic skin orders were denied). but this past may, i got a call from my SA saying they have the same exact bag ordered by someone else last year but does not want to pick it up! lucky me, i guess!
  5. I am waiting on my birkin. i am super excited. i am holding my breath right now...hoping it comes in a bit later....

    because I have gotten a little crazy lately....with the China, CDC, scarves....so I would love a little break!

    Also...Europe basically shuts down in Aug right...so if our orders don't come in...in a week or so...its gotta be Sept right?
  6. Yes, came in around last month or so.
  7. oh nice orchids....what was your order? birkin? what leather and color? :smile:
  8. SAs are known to help customers space out their spendings ;). It's true! It's true!
  9. I think early fall.
  10. I was in a clothing boutique i love in my area...and they told me they were already 60% shipped for fall. can you believe that mess! its just the beginning of FEB! what is up with that!
  11. Have all of you received your orders?
  12. Mine came in May - took three months. It was a Black Togo Birkin (35). My SA put a rush on it.
  13. oh a rush. nice.

    I got mine about 2 months ago. rouge garance
  14. Help me out, please. What is podium?
  15. When are the podium times during the year?