Orders from LVR to UK?

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  1. I'm writing this on behalf of a very good friend, who would like to order a Paddy (having heard about mine!) but LVR. Has anyone from UK ordered from LVR before? I would really like to know if customs got slapped on it, and if so, how much was it?

    She would like to know for obvious reasons.. whether it'll be worth her money buying from LVR, or if she should just grab it wherever she can as it would end up costing the same anyway.

    Hope you all can help me out. Thanks :smile:
  2. No customs between Italy and the UK as both are members of the EU.
  3. There are no customs charges for sales within the E.U. All prices include VAT so she will pay the full price shown on LVR plus shipping.
  4. Oops , posted at the same time as Quirky
  5. Ah. No extra charges then. Thank you all! :amuse:
  6. I would advise that she is really sure what colour she wants before placing an order with LVR. I have just had to return a bag and it cost me a whopping £60. At least NAP offer free shipping on returns
  7. estile,we must have posted at the same time LOL.

    It is a real downer about having to pay return postage to LVR...you lose a LOT of money if you return (if you consider that the outward shipping fees will also have been in vain.)
  8. Eeep, I'll definitely let her know about that estile. 60 quid is a lot of money! Thanks for the info, and sorry for the loss. What bag did you return and what was wrong with it?
  9. I returned the taupe small pocket!
    I hate to say it considering how lovely your taupe paddy is but the colour, shape and style just wasn't working for me. I bought the mousse paddy from NAP instead and also not sure if its a keeper.
  10. Awww! I agree with you, the pocket style just doesn't work with me. Has your mousse paddy arrived and have you posted pics? That's another colour that's a kicker to photograph - is it green.. is it blue? Grr. I still prefer the gold hardware, that was my deciding factor when choosing between the taupe and the mousse!
  11. Are you in the UK? If you are in the US and decide you don't want to keep your mousse, please PM me...I might be interested. :smile:
  12. In the UK I'm afraid! Good luck with the hunt.