Ordering: Web Site vs. Boutique

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  1. I've only ever ordered from the web site - the things I've bought from the boutique were stock. I'm just wondering about the pros and cons of ordering online vs. ordering at the boutique...are there any differences, or reasons to do one over the other? I know from experience that if you order online, you'd better be home to sign for the package when it comes!

    If you order through the boutique, is it shipped there for you to pick up, or directly to your house? Or can you choose which place you want your order to go to?


    - TwoSirius
  2. If you order and have it sent to the boutique, there's no shipping charge. Plus, if you decide you don't want it, then you can return it right then and there.
  3. When I ordered my Carly at the boutique, the SA asked if I wanted it shipped there or to my house. I actually got it shipped to work just in case I needed to sign for it, which I did. Also if you order through the boutique, most times shipping is waived and I believe that gets consideration for PCE, unlike online.
  4. I gone into the boutique twice to order items that weren't on the floor, and both times they had it in the back. Doesn't hurt to go into the store... plus it's a good excuse to visit!
  5. I've called over the phone to the boutique, just to avoid shipping with the 888 number.
    They ship it to my house for free. (As long as they don't have the item in the store). Worked for my 2 backorders too.
  6. The boutique can check inventory at other stores to locate the item you are looking for and confirm availability. In addition, they ship 2 day Fedex directly to my doorstop with no shipping charge. Definitely a plus when ordering something a single item like a charm or keychain.
  7. When I ordered from the boutique, they waived the shipping which was nice. So it does save you a few bucks if the drive is not bad for you.
  8. I always order from the boutiques in order for the shipping fee to be waived. Those charges can really add up.

  9. Thanks, all! My main thing is that there's almost no chance of me being home when things get delivered, so I'd have to go pick them up anyway. I'd MUCH rather visit the boutique than the package pickup...the free shipping is bonus! With all the little perks of having things shipped to the boutique, it sounds like Coach is really encouraging its customers to do it that way (maybe to bring in the impulse buys? I know it works for me!).
  10. The only thing the website is good for, is for people who don't have a boutique within a considerable driving distance, or for who can't get out much.