Ordering tonight: which color?!

  1. My boyfriend is placing an order on ebags tonight. I want to add this Monsac clutch, but I'm so torn on which color to order! They're all gorgeous. I already have one of their small black shoulder bags, so I'm a little hesitant to get the clutch in black even though I've been wanting a black clutch.
  2. What a lucky girl you are! Since you already have a black shoulder bag, and I have a feeling you are a young girl. If so, I'd suggest you get a red color. The sand color is a little bit boring to me.
  3. Yeah, I like the red, unless you really need a black clutch, in which case you should get that, even though you already have a black bag. The agree that the sand is a little boring.
  4. Another vote for red!
  5. I'm 27. So do you think the red is more versatile than the sand and will match things more easily?
  6. 27 is still young!!! People will not notice your sand color, but they will notice your red clutch. Red can go with almost every color, except green, I guess?
  7. red!
  8. Thanks everyone. Red it is!
  9. Great choice. Red is an awesome color.
  10. owww, i like everybody's opinion on the red. i think i'm going to jump on the bandwagon as well!!!! woot woot! that's a great idea. what a statement with red. i don't think i have a red clutch and will consider it sometime in the future!
  11. red always makes a statement! I thing it will add a little something to every outfit you wear!!! Congrats!
  12. :tup:I like the Sand!
  13. i like th red
  14. Yes, red for me, too!
  15. I like black, then red.