ordering tomorrow! need opinions asap (please!!!)

  1. hi all!
    well, tomorrow is the day i'm ordering my HH satchel from lunaboston.com...they don't have it in black, so i am ordering it in the color below (called amethyst)...i'm thinking that because it is SO dark that it is neutral and since these bags are selling out so quickly i want to nab one! soooo...opinions?!?!?

    Luna Boston | Mercer Satchel Details
  2. I love it. The same thing happened to me with a different bag: no black, so I had to get dark olive. It turned out to be a great decision, because I could wear it with both black and brown.

    I tried to buy an HH bag during their online sale, but the site crashed. :cry: Sadly, not in a financial position to pay full price.
  3. Don't forget: HH is having their online sample sale starting at 11:00 am tomorrow!
  4. :heart: I think it is beautiful.:heart:
    I agree that it will be versatile. My only concern is that there sounds like some hesitation on your part, and I am all about being as happy with your choices as possible. Then again, you can always ship it back. I say go for it, if you like it!:yes:
  5. I'd say it's a perfect neutral. Go for it!!
  6. jcmadison has it for $360, check if there is a code.

  7. Is this at haydenharnett.com? I went to the website but didn't see any info about it. I'd love to get in on an online sample sale as I'm never privy to the ones in the stores....sigh. Wish I lived in NY!
  8. I love it! Beautiful color!

    20% off with code GRECHEN

    courtesy of Grechen's Closet.

    hope that helps!
  10. A versatile and original neutral that should work with almost everything - go for it!
  11. I love the colour!
  12. As I get older...I am veering away from buying so many black bags. I think a dark leather in a different color actually looks better. Less matchy matchy. You look cooler... So, yes, buy the dark amethyst.
  13. I actually like this color better than the black!
  14. That color is so rich. I love it...