Ordering tomorrow, but which bag?

Apr 17, 2009
Seattle area, WA
I'm all over the place with what I want. What would you buy if it were you? I guess it's not the biggest deal because I'm fortunate to be able to buy every 3-4 months but I'd still like to pick what I will love. Only LV I currently have is favorite mm in mono. My choices are Speedy b 25 or 30 in mono or de, delightful pm mono, neonoe assuming it's available on website tomorrow, or classic neverfull mono. Trying not to go much above 1500 with tax.

Miss Krys

Jun 14, 2014
Edmonton, Canada
What other types of bags do you have (regardless of brand), what is your lifestyle, what do you plan on using your bag for, etc? I personally lean towards the Delightful or the NF because you can never go wrong with either, but I would leave the new Noe for now until any and all issues arise and LV has had time to fix them (it seems almost all new designs have problems either in the beginning or within a year of use).