Ordering Through JAX?

  1. When ordering through Jax, do they usually ship the items separately? My pre-order for PCE was placed today and my debit card was charged. I also received an email with my tracking information but it only shows half of my order. Is this normal?
  2. I wouldn't worry, I've had orders come separately before, have you checked your order status online? :smile:
  3. Hmmm, I only had orders shipped seperately once so it happens! I wouldn't worry about it just yet! =) Just call them up and ask!
  4. Well I received an email last night saying that my wristlet had shipped but it didn't say anything about the handbag....oh I just checked my email and I received another email from coach saying that handbag 10125 was shipped separately!!! Yay! :yahoo:I was getting worried for a second.
  5. normal, sometimes they ship from different places.
  6. What is Jax? I am clueless!
  7. JAX-Jacksonville, FL. That's where headquarters is located. I checked the tracking and the wristlet is coming from California and the handbag is coming from JAX. Both should be at my house on Wednesday! Yay!
  8. So I heard here on the forum that the Chili Carly is available only through Jax. How can I order via there? Thanks!
  9. If you are close to a boutique you can go there and they can order it for you with the PCE discount and no shipping fee. I think you can also call your local boutique to order. OR if those aren't options, you can call JAX directly but then you would have to pay shipping and no PCE.