Ordering/Shopping/Shipping/Exchange/Return Experiences at Aloha Rag

  1. Hello ladies and gents,
    I just got my ohhhhh-so-yearned-for Granny City!!!!!!
    I know, so happy, but there's this one thing I'm a bit iffy about,,
    This is actually my first Bal purchase ever, so I can't say I know much but I have a few things I would love some input on,,,

    All I got from the package is the 2009 Granny City itself and the dust bag it came in,,
    And the strap I got is really short, and it makes no difference on its height upon wear whether or not I have it with the straps or not,, does that make sense? haha
    And shouldn't I have gotten the tags and all with the bag?? And what else usually comes with a Bal purchase???

    Well then again maybe I'm completely and utterly wrong about the strap length,, is the short strap I got the correct length? Or should I have been given a longer strap?? I'm so confused, I hope I wasn't duped,,, :sad:

    But even if the short strap I got IS the correct length, WHERE CAN I GET A LONGER STRAP?? One that would at least leave the bag to my hips?? (,,I'm average height :p)
  2. Thanks for the help!! :amuse:
  3. What is the measurement on your strap?

    Did you check the inside pocket and the outside pocket for the mirror and white bal tags?
    Did you contact Aloha Rag with the questions?
  4. No, I haven't just yet, thought I'd check a bit with the Forum first,,
    I guess I should just email them anyway, huh?
  5. and yes, I checked the inside pocket and there the white tags were :p oops
    I got the mirror, the leather sample square, the Bal brand tag, and product tag, and the,, quality tag? haha
    is that all that I should have gotten?
  6. Yep. You got everything. And the strap sounds like it is the correct one. The city strap is short, you can't wear it messenger style
  7. Really? That's great then!! Thanks :smile:
    But does anyone know how and where I can get the long strap??
    Apparently you can order one from BalNY or other Bals? And also I heard that there is no long strap for the City, so you have to order a Part Time strap if you want a long one?
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    I don't think you can order extra straps. :shrugs: I say this because there were some members here with their extra long strap on their Town bags and they wanted a shorter strap but wasn't an option for them.
    And the pic you posted of Nicole's strap looks longer because it's probably been stretched due to heavy usage and the bag being so heavy.

    I, too, have a Granny City! We're bag twins. :hugs: Congrats on getting your dream bag!
  9. ....plus Nicole is on the short side so the strap might look a little longer on her.
  10. ^ That too. :yes:
  11. Hi not sure where to post this question but I am ready to get my next Bbag. I don't live by a store so what is the best way to order? I want to get a black GGH work. Should I order online or call a store? My fist bag I was very very lucky and bought on a resale site and the leather is thick and TDF! I want to make sure I get good leather but I want to get it from a store this time. I know the sa can tell me the leather is perfect but how do I make sure it is thick and not smooth? Thanks for your help guys:smile:
  12. Does aloha rag usually reply within a day to emails? I asked them about the availability of an item and they replied pretty fast but after that, they haven't replied to my emails. I really want to place an order for a bal city and I dont want it to sell out. :confused1:
  13. Has anyone ever specified if the bag is from a certain year from Aloha Rag? Are they ok with checking??