Ordering on Gucci.com

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  1. I want to order a Gucci card case from the website. Will it come with a box and dustbag?
  2. My small French wallet came in a box but no dustbag.
  3. i don't think small leather goodies (not counting wristlets) come with dustbags. please correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't think i've ever gotten one with my card cases, wallets, coin purses etc.
  4. The only small accessory I ordered is my cleo cat charm off the website and it came with its own gucci cloth and box but no dustbag.
  5. Thanks everyone!
  6. which french wallet did you order?
  7. Yes! I just opened my package and saw the beautiful gift box with ribbon. Makes the whole process of receiving the package so much nicer.
  8. my ipod case came in a box
  9. My sandals came in their shoebox tied with a ribbon, and it had the envelope with the receipt inside. It was packaged very nicely overall!
  10. My bags came with dustbags, and boxes when ordering online.
  11. Whenever I've ordered on line, it came in a beautiful box and ribbon..but not always a dustbag..