Ordering off the LV webite..need help!!

  1. Hi everyone..what is your experience ordering from LV directly?? I want some things and my SA at the Union Square SF store is no longer working there..I am so bummed. Do the bags come with plastic on them (I love when my bags come with plastic on the handles!!) thanks!!
  2. I've heard good and bad things from ordering from vuitton.com... :s

    Your bags may come with the plastic still on the handles, but it's not guaranteed. Perhaps you could request it?
  3. am I totally dense or has louisvuitton.com changed recently to where you can't order directly from them anymore? I know you could around christmas time but I noticed just this last week when you try to order it kicks you to eluxury and only whatever they have in stock.
    also I don't see the prices on lv.com anymore.
  4. Are you sure? I ordered something last night from lv.com that wasn't showing as available from elux, but lv.com had it and it has already been shipped out to me. The websites do look remarkably similar -- I thought at first I'd been redirected, but I don't think I was.
  5. yeah, when I try to order something it sends me to elux. I'm sure I get redirected because the tabs have an 'e' on the eluxury tab and 'lv' on the lv.com. bummer. lv.com used to have different stock than eluxury. eluxury seems to be out of alot of stuff :sad:
  6. The LV website was down for ordering, they were working on their site and actually had a notation of site being under a scheduled construction period and this went on for several days, perhaps when you tried it was kicking you over to the Eluxury site.
  7. Well, that explains it! Thanks southerncharm.:yes: