Ordering my first H bag

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  1. You guys are my heroes! You have the best suggestions.

    I posted a thread in a massive dither about which bag to get. You suggested a Massai. Turns out, I ADORE the Massai, especially combined with the idea of adding a Plume or Bolide for something slightly dressier. Since I unintentionally manage to turn everything I put on into the gypsy savage/boho aesthetic, I don't want anything too dressy.

    Anyway, after the first of the year, I'm going to the store, and a lovely woman will help me pick out my Massai, then either pick it up or order it when she goes to Paris in Feb. I'm something of a commando shopper, preferring to be in and out of a store within 5-10 minutes (yes, I know it's really, really weird, but it makes my DH happy), so I generally like to know exactly what I want before I ever enter a shop.

    SOOOO............New dilemma:

    Does anyone know what leathers are available in the Massai? I know I want something seriously slouchy and unstructured, (sorta like me).

    Also, is Rouge H as flexible and neutral a color as it appears to be?

  2. Is there any chance that you can make the purchase in 2006? AFAIK there will be a price increase in 2007.
  3. I don't think it's possible to buy in 2006. I want the big one, and I want a brightish color, I think either a red or orange, maybe the noisette. Anyway, I think they don't stock the Massai in the US all that often. At least, that's what I was told. Anyway, how big could the price jump really be? Surely it couldn't be more than 25% of what the price is right now? Anybody out there have a good guess?
  4. Clemence would be a great leather for a Massai. It is very unstructured and soft. I have a Rouge Hermes Clemence Picotin, I am attaching a picture:
  5. It's so gorgeous in Clemence! In Potiron or Rouge H it would be beautiful. :yahoo: I am still kicking myself for not buying one in Potiron Clemence when I saw it in SF. It's also nice in evergrain. SF has one in chocolate right now and it is really pretty.
  6. As far as I know, the Masai only comes in soft leathers, since it's an unstructured bag and needs to look slouchy....I have it in Clemence (which is soft textured leather) and now they do it in Swift which is soft but almost smooth...they're both lovely buttery leathers, it just depends which one you prefer visually...It comes in a variety of colors: In Swift there's black, havane (brown), gold, vermillion, orange, white, blue jean, vert anis, etoupe...that's all I can think of at the moment...In Clemence there's black, Ebene (dark brown) etoupe, rouge garance, rouge H, white, gold, Raisin..can't think of others. I'm sure the other ladies can think of more colors.....HTH
  7. I vote Potiron or Rouge H Clemence!
  8. Yeah! rouge H would be fab! Are you sure you want the big one? It's HUGE!
  9. I'm thinking Rouge H or potiron myself. Obviously, a bag this size isn't going to be terribly subtle on me, no matter what color I pick, so I'm thinking, "if I'm going big, I'm going all the way big."

    My DH took a tape measure, measured out the dimensions (thoughtfully provided, again by members of this forum) and put them against my back. The GM hits me slightly below my waist and will make my behind look smaller by comparison. I think, since I'm 6 ft that I definitely want the big, big one. It'll balance all the flowy Yohji and Zoran.

    Does anyone know how much the chocolate one is in SF? Is it the GM?
  10. It's the PM but I can't remember how much it is! :shame:
  11. OH! gga, don't mind me...I forgot you were 6' tall! LOL - the GM will look FABULOUS on you! There is a pic somewhere of Caroline Kennedy wearing a GM - she was tall, and it looks better on her than ANYONE I've seen! I LOVE the Massai!
  12. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to rock the Massai CBK-style. Dang she's elegant.

    I appreciate all the input I can get on this, since this is a bit of a big purchase for a handbag. My frugal soul is quaking a little. I'm seriously sick of the false economy of buying lots of cheap, but still expensive, mass-produced bags that wear out and can't be refurbished.

    I've come to my senses and am going with quality now. (Will work on quantity later!)

    My heart is sorta singing a Rouge H Clemence song, I think
  13. ^ Amen, to that, gga!
  14. ohmygosh, I've seen the large massai on someone somewhere on PF (showcase?)... it is one massive piece of leather! It's gorgeous!
  15. ^^^^Traceyd has a GM Massai in rouge vif.