Ordering items not available..

  1. Ok.. Quick question lovelies!
    (sorry if this is in the wrong section! if so.. please do move it mods!)

    I know you can order some stuff that is not available yet at the store/online.. like all those new items that people been posting in the lovely "new bags to lust over" thread.. I know you can call JAX and order it.. but I was wondering if you could goto a Coach store.. and order it thru them? I don't have a CC to order anything thru JAX for.. and I can pay cash for it.. and I was wondering if I could do so at the coach store?
    Also.. if I can do this.. what kind of information do I need to know in order to order thru the store? Like the item number and name? ^^
    I'm totally new to ordering something not yet available.. thru the store or thru JAX!

    Any other advice/comments would be AWESOME!!

    Thank you!! :okay:
  2. I think it would be possible, if JAX has the item the store can order it for you. Go to your store with a list of item numbers and colors, along with the item name, and see what they can do for you!
  3. Ohh!

    I wonder.. if you do order thru the store thru JAX.. do they charge tax? or shipping? or both?!?! O_O
  4. This is why its good to establish a relationship with an SA, my Mom and use two of them exclusively, and they have no problem searching for things for us.
  5. You get charged tax, but not shipping. :tup:
  6. just go in with the item number of what you want to order and they will be able to tell you if it's available to order or not. You will not be charged for shipping :smile:
  7. Awesome! ^^;

    Thank you so much guys!! :biggrin:
  8. Definately! I have ordered many things that aren't out yet through the store! And as a bonus, they are usually really surprised that you know about items that aren't out yet and that, at least when I do it, makes you feel awesome cause you know more than they do! :tup: Have fun ordering!
  9. Today when I ordered the strawberry charm they asked how I knew!!! I told them that I got the info from the Purse Forum! The CSR was okay thats great. So they do like to know where you find the info.
  10. A few weeks ago, some gals on here already ordered the penguin keyfob from JAX. I went into the store a day later and they wouldn't let me order it yet, they said I had to wait until that Wednesday b/c that was the day they were allowed to let people order. Then I called back Wednesday and they placed my order.

    But it may be a freak thing, my store seems strict compared to other peoples. They don't bend any rules.
  11. well go ahead to the store and see if they can help you out...
  12. I am. My SA is the best. I'm ordering the strawberry charm too.
  13. You get charged tax according to the mailing address but no shipping when you order from a store.

    yes, if the item isn't in their system they will call Jax for you.