Ordering in store?

  1. I have a question about ordering items. Since the nearest Coach store is just too far to get to on my own, I'm usually left to order stuff online, even though I LOVE going into the store. The SA's always treat me so well and that is part of why going in is so great!

    I know many of you order things directly from your store versus ordering online. Do you only do that if an item is not available at the time? Or can you do that any time you want? I really want to order some ponytail scarves and a watermelon charm for my watercolor wristlet. I've also heard of them sometimes waiving shipping fees when you order directly from the store? Or is this only for people who order from them more frequently?
  2. I ordered my Ergo Hobo AT the store, since it was not available yet, and there was NO shipping fee. I could be wrong...that's the only time I've had to order, but I THINK they may do that every time - like a courtesy thing if what you WANT they do not HAVE at the store.
    I'm curious to know the true answer to that question, too!
  3. I have no Coach stores around me, and while I have ordered a few things off the website, I think it is more fun calling the store - kind of a thrill of the chase! Plus, the SA's are very nice - and it is much easier talking to a real live person than not talking to a computer screen! Yesterday I made an order by calling a store and the SA threw in a perfum sample and also an extra box for a wristlet that I don't have one for. :smile: I forgot, I did get free shipping because one of my items was being shipped from another store and we're not totally sure on the availbility, so as a nice gesture, incase anything goes wrong with that item, I recieved free shipping.
  4. I live in an area that has quite a few Coach boutiques but I order in store when they don't have an item or they only have one left and it's been handled quite a bit. They never charge me for shipping and I usually have my order in less than a week.
  5. yea i think in-store or calling the store to order is free.
  6. I always order stuff through the store, since I'm only 15 minutes away from a few of them and the shipping is free. It used to be more of a pain to get to one before we moved here though, because I had to fight alot of traffic in IL.

    However, if you are not close to a store and want to order through one - I think most of them will let you call and order through them over the phone... then the shipping should be waived as well!! :yes: Next time you are in store, as for a business card from the manager, and you could even just ask for your fav SA when you call in, etc.