Ordering Handbags...

  1. Has anyone ever ordered from style drop and/ or rafaello-network?
  2. I personally haven't, but I know both of them are legit since many tPFers bought from them before. I also heard Rafaello-Network has some markups.
  3. I've ordered numerous times from Styledrops and simply LOVE their service and fast delivery. I know that Rafaello is legit, but have never ordered from them.;)
  4. they are not the cheapest online stores. raffaello is known for higher mark-ups and lately they have been having difficulties with currency conversions. but both legit. i only have experience with styledrops.

    for better prices look at bluefly.com, also let-trade.com, and i heard overstock.com sometimes have good and well-pirced pradas.