Ordering GST in Paris

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  1. Need help in ordering GST in Paris???

    Can I order my GST in Paris (phone order???)..& collect it when I travel there in June/July 2007. My country had a pretty long waiting list..generally they will received 2 GST from each batch of shipments...at that rate they are going & by the time I get it..probably end of 2007:hysteric:

    If so, what the phone number /SA to call??? Thks in advance

    In btw...when is the sale season in France??? Ist week or 2nd week of July????
  2. I tried once to phone order from the Rue Cambon Chanel store & they would not (although, I was not registered in their store system at the time). The Chanel website has their phone information. As for sale season, last year it started on the last week of June thru July. I haven't seen the posted goverment official dates for Paris sales this year yet.
  3. i don't know why they wouldn't let you w-jade, how odd :confused1:

    i know people who have done so, and when i called them up myself they just fax you a form and you fax it back. i am from australia though i don't know if that makes a difference :confused1:
  4. Hi Frayed_misfit
    Do u have a chanel boutique in Sydney???
  5. Thks for the info. w-jade. Maybe I shld try to get someone to order for me in Paris (in person) then I will pick it up once I firm up my holiday schedules.
    As for sales..which websites can i visit for the dates???

  6. Really appreciate yr info. I'm planning a June holiday in Europe. Meantime, my sis-in-law is working in Switzerland, she was asking whether Chanel Boutique in Paris ..do they do oversea shipping?? I told her ... dunno.
    In btw, June sales would be gd for me..probably buying a few bags (oh no, my DH expression:wtf: ...hahahaha:roflmfao: ). But really hope to get GST + 2 more:nuts:
  7. Wow! I didn't know there will be a waiting list for GST too. I thought they are as easily to get as the classic flap. Guess I have to order mine soon. Thanks for bringing up the topic.