Ordering From The Coach Store

Jul 18, 2009
The Coach store doesn't carry mens bags where I'm headed, but they told me they could order them in for me. Part of why I wanted to buy my Coach bag in the store was so that I could try it on and see it in person first. If they order in the bag for me, do I have to buy it, or am I allowed to say "it's not what I thought it would be"?


Feb 23, 2009
At my Coach FP store, you have to pay when you order it, but you can have it shipped to the store and then when you pick it up, try it out and return it right then if you don't love it. Or you can ask the SAs to let you know if one comes in that you can take a look at, but that's really hit or miss.


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May 13, 2009
San Antonio, TX
When I ordered my graphite hippie I had to pay first. But you can return as soon as you see it for cash back. Remember to keep the receipt from when you paid though.
Jul 18, 2009
Thank you all so much! I'll just order it and return it if I'm not 100% satistied =)

About how long do their orders take to reach the store? Also, what does "FP" stand for? :sweatdrop:


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
FP= Full Price (we often use this phrase to reference boutique stores VS outlet stores!!!

Yes, ordering and then returning if you're not happy is your best bet. It's a little frustarting that you can't see it in person first. I was truly sad that the Coach boutique at Woodfield Mall in Chicago didn't have much stock!!! I figured a Chicago store would be large and have alot of merchandise but it didn't, and that seems to be the case at alot of stores!!! UGH!!!

Here's to hopeing you end up loving the bag, and all is well!!!

***I know COACH just enlarged my nearest outlet. I hope that since they've gotten SO POPULAR that they'll start enlargeing more outlets & boutique's!!!