Ordering from SF

  1. Hi everyone

    Has anyone ordered from Goyard SF? Do they accept order by phone and do you have to fax your signature?
    Any recommendations of sales assistance ?
  2. Ask for Ryan! Not sure about the phone order, sorry.
  3. For Goyard SF I email Lucio...

    Not sure about phone order though, but by email you can fill in their authorization form, sign on it and scan it in for them
  4. I spoke to Marcela by phone and placed the order that way. You do have to fill out the authorization form before they charge you. They all seem very helpful and kind. GL!
  5. I've worked with Lucio in the past as well, he even helped me with personalization too. He's very patient and excellent with following up during the process. You will have to fax your cc and ID.
  6. I emailed them my cc information, however they didn't ask for id of any kind. I worked with the manager, so I wonder why there seems to be a lack of consistency.
  7. Hello, Goyard peeps! This is my first post and since I cannot start a thread yet, please indulge me here! I am working with the SF manager (very helpful) to order a St. Louis PM in black/tan with personalization. She nicely sent me all the samples of colors, letter styles, and stripe sizes...can we say overstimulation (in a Goodyard way!)? ;) Anyhoo, what do y'all suggest....just initials, stripes and initials or just stripes? Colors? Is there a thread all about personalization? TIA!
  8. I called SF Goyard and Lucio was a great help. I did have to fax authorization form but no ID. I am glad I ordered from goyard. After getting scammed on eBay, to save a few hundred bucks. It's truly not worth it btw.. I can sleep better and wait patiently for my new babies.
  9. My SA there was Ryan, he is great, through phone emailed/scan my autorization, safe and ships fast like 5 days from SF to Guam....
  10. It is a bit overwhelming. It took me a full day to play around with the colours and how I would place my initials. I looked at A LOT of Goyard bags and finally came up with my end result. I'd go for both stripes and initials. Copy a pic of the bag you'll be buying and take the colours from what you were sent. Play around with the program you use on your computer, to get an idea as to how the bag will look with all the experimentations. You can google Goyard with monograms or Goyard personalization(s) and generally receive amazing feedback. Would love to see what you end up with. The whole process is just as exciting. Please share when you can! Happy New Year!​
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  12. I wasn't able to add the picture for some reason to my post to you. So, here it is, an example of layout for monogramming and initials. Of course your colours may be different, but it's a start! GL and hope to see you soon!:smile:

  13. Sorry for the triple post:p
  14. Hi there, I live in Canada, and want a St.Louis GM Goyard bag, but I want to make sure its authentic, and brand new-ish.. Seeing a few Goyard bags on reputable resellers site, all dirty and gross (even if you could possibly clean mystery stains) turns me off.. Is there any way they would do orders over the phone, when I live in Canada? *crossing fingers*
  15. Thank you for the response, so sweet!! I hadn't heard anything back for awhile, but did finally take the leap and order the St. Louis PM w/ stripes and initials! Guess what? I just checked and it is sitting in the UPS Dallas hold and will not get here until Monday! (You know, no Saturday UPS delivery) The anticipation is almost too much! :drool: