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  1. I know Vlad mentioned that luisaviaroma.com sells authentic items, and they will have paddingtons available in January that you can pre-order now. Has anyone ordered anything from LVR or from overseas before? How does this VAT charge I see on the site work? It says that if you place an order outside the EU, that VAT isn't charged? Sooo, the price of 1045 Euros will actually be less than that for those who order from the United States? I know shipping will probably be more since it's international shipping. This is sort of confusing :wacko: If anyone has ordered from overseas before and can help with the whole VAT, shipping and customs stuff that would be great :biggrin:
  2. I order weekly from Italy, so the VAT if bought retail is deducted (usually around 20%), but the shipping depends on what carrier they are using because the prices differ and of course it will be based on weight. Ask them what carrier, they are using. If one bag, then figure around 5lbs give or take. It they ship ddp, that means, duty paid and that cost is figured into the price of the bag. I have heard they are authentic, but I haven't ordered from them personally.

    I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.
  3. VAT should only apply when you order in the UK. I am not sure what other charges apply though, you might want to give them a call or read their Terms Of Service. Regarding their authenticity, I wouldn't worry. I've read about tons of people getting their real goodies after the pre-ordered.
  4. i was interesting in ordering a small anthracite paddington from them but that seems really confusing :sad2:.......they do have a great selection tho since i wasn't able to find the small version of that bag anywhere else but i hate ordering form places when i can't even figure out how much i'll be paying...what are custom fees and how much would they be?
  5. well when i ordered from net-a-porter, the VAP charge was about the same amount of what i would be taxed if I bought it from say neiman marcus. the shipping was only 27.00 dollars and i got it in 2 day service from UK! impressive. but actually, the anthracite cost me less from UK then if I would have ordered it from neiman. go figure.
  6. Here is what the Web site says about shipping:

    So they ship DDU to the United States, which means that I'd have extra charges. So it would be the cost of the bag without VAT, but add onto that shipping and duty charges. Hmm, I probably wouldn't save that much :huh:
  7. Nevermind ordering from LVR, I just pre-ordered a whiskey paddy from Nordstrom in Paramus, NJ. I called the Boca store and the lady in handbags said that they had some in stock and transferred me. The nice SA there told me they'd be getting 5 whiskey, 4 chocolate and a couple of ivory ones the week ending December 24 (!!!!). I gave her my CC info and she will call when they're in to make sure they can charge my card and ship it.

    I'm excited :biggrin:
  8. what was nordstrom's price on the paddington?
  9. $1480 for the medium size + sales tax and $8 shipping
  10. Congrats on finding your Paddy. Post pictures when you get it (if you can).