Ordering from Nordstroms MOA- How long?

  1. Hi all! I was just wondering how many people here have experience ordering from Nordstroms MOA and how long it took to get their items? I placed an email order with Lucas on Sunday afternoon, as he said email would be easiest for him, and after sending another email to make sure he received the order and asking for info on when I should expect the item, I have not heard anything. :confused1: I know he's probably busy and I don't want to call and bug him, so I was just wondering if anyone else experienced the same and what their timeline was. I was hoping to wear the pearls I ordered this weekend.

    TIA! :smile:
  2. Hi, which pearl are you ordering? I just received mine from Nordstrom MOA (with the help of Lucas) on Tuesday. :tup:
    I placed the order with him via the phone on Wed (09/12), and he placed the order and shipped the item on the same day. The scheduled delivery for my package was on Monday (9/17) via DHL, but DHL actually delayed my package for one more day thus I received it on Tuesday (9/18).
    Anyway, if you are wondering about the estimated delivery date for your package, you can call Nordstrom MoA and talk to Customer Service. They can get the tracking# for you.;)
    Are you ordering a 35" pearl necklace, or a longer version? Modelling pics please !! ;)
  3. I ordered pearls from there too and they took longer than I expected. I think they weren't shipped out the day I was told they would, but I still got them within a week.
  4. Thanks for the input jfhave and fice16! I ordered the Fleur de Strass necklace, which is the pearls with the silver between and the crystal CCs. It's so gorgeous! I had emailed Lucas and asked if it was easier for him to get my order via phone or via email and he indicated email was best for him. I haven't heard back from him since I left the email on Sunday, so I don't know when they were supposed to ship. :confused1: I didn't want to be over-anxious and a pest about it so I just left him the 1 subsequent email to check on the order and I haven't heard back. I guess I'll call tomorrow if I don't hear anything.
  5. Fleur de Strass is beautiful :graucho:!! Definitely need modelling pics!
    You may also want to call the Customer Service of Nordstrom MoA today. They should be able to get the tracking# for you if the pearls had already been shipped out. All they need from you is your first and last name as well as the shipping address.
  6. Were your pearls in stock at MOA, or did he have to locate them for you?

    I just ordered two bags through Lucas. One was in stock at the MOA store, and I received it about 3 biz days after it was shipped out. He did a locate on the second bag, found it in Seattle, and had it shipped out at what I assume was the same time. I still haven't received the second bag and was expecting it today.

    He sent me another bag a few weeks ago and that got here very quickly, I think 3 days after we talked.

    Check with CS at MOA to see if they can get you shipping info, otherwise just call Lucas!
  7. I got my GST the next day after they shipped it. They had my bag in stock. I can't remember what day of the week it was, but I was (pleasantly) shocked that they overnighted it to me. I was actually calling Nordstrom MOA to get the tracking number and the FedEx lady was at my door at the same moment.
  8. Thanks for the responses, everyone. I contacted Lucas last week after he posted here about the Fleur de Strass necklace, and assumed that it was in stock. He finally got back to me today to say it was sold out. :crybaby:Meanwhile, they are all over ebay jacked up to $400 over retail. If anyone sees one at their store, please let me know! (I guess I should do a separate post for this!)
  9. I got my pearls from Lucas in two days (free shipping). The squeaky wheel get the grease. Don't be afraid to call and check up on your order. That's his job.
  10. I placed an order with Lucas and received free shipping. Nordstrom always goes out of their way to make the customer happy which is why I love shopping there. Free shipping, rewards certificates, low interest Nordstrom credit card (lower than my Visa)... I would do a commercial for their stores if they'd let me! :biggrin: