Ordering From Net-A-Porter...


Jun 29, 2007
I am interested in this MBMJ bag on sale at Net-A-Porter; however, I have never ordered a bag from online before. How should the process go? (in terms of how long it will take for the bag to arrive and whether or not you must sign a form) Thanks!


Slave to Cats
Jan 30, 2008
Be VERY careful with the pound/dollar. I had a very bad experience with them, I ordered with the US site, made sure it was in dollars, but unfortunately didn't print out my order. So I get the email, and it said I ordered in pounds ( which doubled the price). After a lot of calling and emailing on my part, they INSISTED that I ordered in pounds, and were going to ship the order despite my protest. They wouldn't even let me cancel the order, and they were pretty nasty about it. I ended up having to cancel my credit card, which I didn't want to do. But that was the only way to ensure that they wouldn't ship the bag. I won't go near their site now.


Mar 16, 2007
I agree with spacey, I've had great experiences with them. Super fast shipping to Canada, pretty much overnight shipping I think (although I would have liked it if the shipping wasn't $30!).

Just make sure you enter in your address and credit card info correctly. I guess that goes with all online retailers, but I'm sure you're going to enjoy their service! Too bad they don't give out those beautiful black boxes with sale items anymore!