Ordering from MyTheresa in Australia

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm looking to make my first YSL purchase of a Toy LouLou bag, but e only place I can find the colour combination that I want is on Mytheresa. I'm in Australia, and would like to know what your experiences have been ordering from them. I'm nervous to hand my hard earned cash over to an online store overseas.
  2. I don't know about Australia but I have ordered from them several times (I'm European) and it has always been an easy process, even returns and one time I returned an item because it was faulty and it was quick and easy as well. Very helpful customer service when I asked about returning the faulty item.
  3. I’ve purchased from them a few times. I just ordered something 2 days ago and it arrived the next day!

    Fast delivery from Germany to the US. They are actually owned by Neiman Marcus, a large luxury store in the US.
  4. I’m also in Europe and have ordered several times from them! Love mytheresa!
  5. I’m from Australia and have ordered at mytheresa several times. All very timely delivery and nicely packed! Amazing customer service too, the one time I had to contact them.
  6. Thanks all for your comments. I have bitten the bullet so to speak and ordered the bag from Mytheresa! I'm a little giddy waiting for it to arrive :smile:
  7. I have purchased from Mytheresa before (not YSL, some Gucci shoes) and they arrived from Germany in 3 days (and I ordered at around 11pm Australian time, so really only 2 days as I ordered 11pm one night, next day by the time I woke up they had shipped and then I got them the next day), my mind was blown! Takes longer to get things from interstate let alone shipped from Europe to Australia.

    Hope you love your bag!
  8. My bag arrived and she is gorgous! I have named her Giselle :smile:
    I got the Dusty Grey YSL Toy Lou Lou. The delivery was quite fast as I ordered Friday evening and got the bag Thursday morning. In perfect condition, beautifully wrapped and flown across the work to Australia from Germany with care. I couldn't be happier. Thank you everyone for your encouragement!