Ordering from LVR - better than buying in person?

  1. will you end up with a better deal? I live in the US and wondering if I should buy at my local NM, or get it at LVR. Will the customs fee negate any discount I might get? tia
  2. I would have thought it would work out more expensive to purchase from LVR, because, as you rightly pointed out, the customs will hit you hard.

    Atleast at your local NM, you can choose the perfect bag for you, and do they have special promotion dates, etc, where you could get a discount?

    I think I would do that, or maybe look at Net A Porter USA site, as customs would already have been applied there, so you may get a good deal there also :smile:
  3. thanks Chloe-babe. I, of course, missed the triple points last week :sad:
  4. It is nice to be able to see the bag in person. But if I can get half off at LVR, I will buy from them. I have bought my bags from AR, LVR, Net-A-Porter & Nordies. I only buy the bags on sale. I would prefer buying my bags in the US when I can though.
  5. Here's my take on it- if I order from LVR I get hit with a hefty shipping fee, a $30 conversion fee on my visa and $100+ customs fee a month later, and if something goes wrong with the bag I have to ship it back to Chloe in Paris ($$$).

    If I get it from in the US I have to pay tax, but at least it can be returned to the store or sent to Chloe here in the US if it has a defect. I usually just wait for a sale at Nordies or Saks or NM.
  6. I just bought a Chloe from LVR at 50% off. The price was right, but I have not received the customs fee yet. Unfortunately I'm not located very close to stores that carry Chloe. Otherwise, I think it would be easier all around to purchase from the stores.