Ordering from louis vuitton website

  1. Hi everyone

    So i just ordered a red groom bandeau for £55 shipped from louisvuitton.co.uk , the last one it seems as they are now out of stock. I have never ordered from louisvuitton.co.uk... I have recieved a confirmation but it says my order is in progress, now my question is how long do you have to wait to find out if your order has been accepted and secondly how long after its been accepted do you have to wait for it to be shipped.

    Many thanks

  2. i've used it a couple of times the first time I got a confirmation & shipping reference the next day they come from france so takes 2-3 days.

    2nd time no confirmation used turned up a few days later.
  3. can anyone order from louisvuitton.co.uk or do you have to reside in the uk to order from the site? thanks in advance!
  4. Good question, can someone tell me how much is 330 euros converted to USD?
  5. I think you have to live in the uk
  6. About 410 dollars.
  7. If you live in Germany can you still order from the French Vuitton website? Thanx!
  8. Nope you can't :crybaby:

    But you can call Vuitton Germany and have it send home to you AFAIK
  9. Thanx Kittie! Pity though...
  10. i know :sad: closest LV is about an hour from me in Düsseldorf
  11. I actually just have to drive into town (45 mins, live in Hamburg) but still, sometimes it's a hassle and I hate looking for parking space downtown, it drives me nuts. And I know this might sound somewhat contradictory, but I know my SA so well that I just don't want all the fuss and chatting when I'm looking for a small purchase, I'd rather just go 'click click click' and enjoy the convenience of online shopping! :graucho: Maybe I'm strange, but that's how I feel....
  12. It says it has been shipped now, and has given me a tracking number, Should be here tomorrow I am sooo excited .. my first groom piece, and its still sold out on the website
  13. it says on lv.com that it's 72 pounds
  14. OMG I know what you mean. Sometimes, it can get a little too friendly to the point that they ask you piercing questions about your life and blah blah blah etc.. :yucky: I understand they wanna be friendly, but really they're just there to sell, not be your "best buddy". :s

    It takes the fun out of just going to the store, choosing, having no BS and just buying the thing and leaving. :supacool:

    I TOTALLY understand your situation. I hope online shopping comes to Deutschland as well ;)