Ordering from London Sole US?

  1. Ladies,

    Have any of you ordered a pair of ballet flats from the London Sole web site?

    What was your experience like?

    I just placed an order for my first pair - the Henrietta style. I've always wanted to try a pair of London Sole's, but I hate buying a new brand without knowing my size first. The Henriettas are just so cute I couldn't resist anymore. :smile:

    Is the size conversion chart on the site acurrate?

    There was only one thing I was disappointed about. When I received my confirmation message after placing the order, I noticed that I was charged $10 for shipping. The cost of shipping isn't mentioned anywhere on the site. I even read the entire terms & conditions section. I don't mind when they tell me upfront what the shipping costs will be - I just hate it when places have hidden charges like that.

    - Jodi
  2. Anyone? According to UPS, my first pair are supposed to be here tomorrow!
  3. Hey! Can you share your experience with them? I want to order a pair. I hear their shoes run small so I should size up. I wear a 7 so should a 37 or 38 be better?

    How have they held up? Also, are they made in London? Or in China?

    Thanks so much!