ordering from Jax... tracking info??

  1. When you order from Jax do they always email the tracking info? They did with my Bridgit but I ordered the heritage stripe tote last Thursday or Friday and they haven't sent anything yet.. I want to know when I will get it! :hysteric:
  2. It depends what info they took when you ordered, but mostly you should get the tracking number. Call later this morning to get a status, and if it has shipped they can give you the tracking info at that time.

    I generally order from a Boutique, then I call JAX the next day for my order number so I can check for the ship status on COACH.com. That way I don't have to keep calling, and calling - because I would. I like to know when to expect Fedex!

    Here's the number, 800-444-3611, yeh, I have it memorized.

    BTW, you're up late with little ones getting up early in the morning. Go to bed!!!

  3. :roflmfao: Yes, I know.. I have a problem with going to bed late! lucky for me they don't wake up until about 9/ 9:30.. I know it's crazy! They sleep later than any other kids I know!

    Thanks for the coach number.. I am going to write it down for future reference!
  4. I know, I should talk, I'm still up too...
  5. I had to call for my tracking numbers with these totes. Back when I ordered the hippie, I did get a tracking number through my email. HTH.
  6. They usually don't send you the tracking number till they have sent it. It's quite possible it hasn't been shipped out yet
  7. I got my tracking info and it should be here Thursday!!! It's weird that they email you with some bags and not with others.
  8. On another note.. I ordered a scarf from a boutique the day after I ordered the bridgit and it hasn't gotten here either. I was hoping it would be here today... hopefully tomorrow! I cant wait to show you pics!
  9. ok im new at this..what is JAX?
  10. So I ordered something by calling the JAX # and she gave me a reference number. I would like to track the package and know the status so I know when FedEx is due... Any way to do that? Do I call them like on Monday for a tracking # or can I do it online through the site somehow? TIA!
  11. Go to coach.com, and click the Customer Service link at the bottom of any page, then under ORDERING click Order Status. On this page type in the order number ( it will start with the letter R, P or W) and type in your zip code. The order will show the tracking number if it has shipped, and you can click that link to FEDEX.

    If you supplied an email address when ordering, COACH will email this information to you once it has shipped from JAX.
  12. thanks! I did give them my email addy so... thanks again for the info!