ordering from Ilovedooney?

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  1. is it possible to cancel an order after you have placed it? if not, is it easy to do a return?
  2. It's nearly impossible to cancel an order on the weekend since they don't work weekends. You could try sending them an email and possibly they would get it in time to cancel your order. Returns are like any other; just fill out the return form and ship it back to them.
  3. Who is ilovedooney? I ordered some stuff from them. Are they associated with Dooney or are they just some random folks selling Dooney? I am assuming they are legit.
  4. I contacted Dooney customer service, and they are legit. They are authorized retailers.
  5. They are actually Dooney's Ebay storefront. Merchandise is shipped directly from Dooney's warehouse. :tup:
  6. But weirdly, the prices on the ebay storefront and the ilovedooney.com site sometimes vary quite a bit from one another. It's wise to check both. :yes:
  7. i've purchased from them a few times...shipping ok to slowish, packing so-so, ( imo)--but the bags were great.

    never had to do a return...