Ordering from HH site--customs?

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  1. This is a Q mainly for Canadian and/or international gals (or US gals if you know). I ordered my first HH last night, it was $88, and I asked for USPS Priority shipping. Around how much should I expect to pay in customs? Also, they charge customs on the $88 I paid and not the $440 retail, right?

    I know FedEx/UPS charges a LOT more since they factor in brokerage (one time I paid $20 for a $40 package, $40 for a $70 package, and then when I bought my Chanel $175 for a package marked $1000) and USPS/Canada Post isn't as much...
  2. Hi there!! It should be about 15.00.
  3. Thanks kings_20! I hope so, that's not too bad at all.
  4. ^^

    I've bought stuff on sale and they do mark it the sale price. My $69 Pan AM Tote was about $8.00 so I am just taking an educated guess on your custom charge :smile:
  5. I think in the past I've paid around 30ish for orders from HH but most of them were around the 150-250 price point. Sometimes if you're lucky the people from Canada Post forget to charge you! That happened to me once with a giant order from DKNY and I was so pleased.
  6. When I get orders less than $100 CCRA usually skips the charges. They ALWAYS tear them open though and search them (regardless of dollar value)... makes things take forever... but that just means we need a bit more patience.

    NEVER get things shipped via UPS or FedEx unless you want to throw money away (just MHO, lol). Brokerage is killer!
  7. It's definitely calculated on the sale price, since that's what they declare as the value. I think the tax and sometimes a "handling fee" can bump it up a bit.

    Emile was $206.84 CAD: duty (10%) $20.68, GST $11.38, no PST (how nice!), "handling fee" $5.00
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    Oops, lots of people posting :smile: Sorry if that last post was out of order...I was digging out my customs form. asark, I agree that patience is definitely needed! It just gets too frustrating to check the tracking once it hits customs...it seems to sit there for an awfully long time!
  9. Thanks girls! And yeah, I don't get things shipped via UPS/FedEx unless there's no other way--I've decided not to order a few things because they only offered UPS/FedEx.

    About tracking--do I HAVE to call HH for the tracking number? Or will it eventually pop up on the order page.
  10. It usually appears on your order page. Eventually! The U.K. is a killer for taxes. It takes ages to come through and seems to be quite high plus an obligatory Royal Mail £8 handling fee:sad:
  11. Thank you Emmy!
  12. Unless they are sending me a customs form later in the mail and it has not come yet, my two items (one was 112, the other 99 ) I did not pay for customs yet. hth!
  13. I got away "customs-free" on my last purchase as well.:yes:

    (Always makes me feel like I got away with something!:P)
  14. Ah, to be customs free!! I picked up a parcel of HH I'd bought on evilbay the other week...had to pay a customs charge of £4, plus an £8 handling fee :wtf: it cost more to process than to collect it! LOL
  15. Customs suck big time. Congrats to all those that got away with no charges. I also only stick with USPS as the brokerage fees are ridiculous!!