Ordering from Gucci.com

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  1. Has anyone ever had any trouble from Gucci.com as far as delivery....I once heard some things about pilfering.....I would like to order but I'm worried *Knock on Wood*
  2. I never ordered from Gucci.com but I know there are some members here who posted that their gucci items were mysteriously "lost" during shipment.
  3. I've purchased from gucci.com in the past, no problems to report. I ordered a mini french wallet only though.
  4. I've ordered through gucci.com and all 3 times I had good experiences. i've read about other members' horror stories though, which were real unfortunate.
  5. I order from Gucci.com all the time and never had a problem. My husband ordered me boots for x-mas last year and they actually left them out front of our house with no one home and someone must have taken the package. He called to complain and they sent a new pair becuase they should have never left a $1,000 package without a signature.
  6. I've ordered from Gucci.com 3 times as well but the last experience was not so pleasant. There was a delivery issue with the last shipment and I had to negotiate a pick up at my nearest UPS facility. Better safe than sorry.
  7. I've ordered many times from Gucci.com and have never had a problem. But yes, there have been members with horror stories dealing with delivery. I always have them deliver to my work to avoid packages left at the door/missed deliveries.
  8. I have ordered from gucci.com too before during the sale period too.. and no issues at all. But again.. you should always find out from the confirmation when it is suppose to arrive.. and if it is for any reason not there.. you can contact them right away.
  9. Yes, and I've never had any problems...