Ordering from eLuxury?

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm new on this forum so I'm not sure if this belongs in this section...

    I'd like to order a Dior handbag from eLuxury.com and was wondering if anyone here had already ordered from this website, and how long does it take for shipping? Cause I'd need to get my bag before Oct. 25TH...:confused1:

    Thanks for your advice!
  2. Depends where you live I am assuming you choose ground service? Normally I ordered on a weekend and received it by Thursday.
  3. I've always gotten my orders in less than a week when using ground shipping from eluxury.
  4. I couldn't believe it. I ordered yesterday from Elux and got it today via fed ex.
  5. It's never taken more than 4 business days for me.
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  7. Eluxury is pretty fast. It usually takes one or two days to process and then it goes right out. Shipping is FedEx so they only do Tuesday-Saturday. I live in Wisconsin and the Eluxury shipping center is in Tennessee. I order stuff over the weekend, it gets shipped on Tuesday, and I receive it Thursday. Hope that gives you an idea of how fast they are.
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  9. ELux has excellent customer service. You will probably get your order in a few days. One thing to remember, though, is that FedEx standard home delivery doesn't arrive on Mondays. If that's a problem, you can always pay the extra fee and get expedited delivery service. I think in this case FedEx will deliver any day, but Sunday.

    ELux is also very good about posting tracking numbers so you can monitor your purchase that way too. You have to sign for all orders over $500 so make sure someone is home to do this. Otherwise, FedEx will take your package back to their local headquarters and re-try to deliver another day. That is such a pain!!!!!!

    Hope you enjoy your new Dior bag! Which one did you order?

  10. That's a really nice Dior! I only have one Dior, but it is the love of my life.

  11. I've been having issues getting on their site lately. Anyone else?
  12. EmilyGL, their site was down for a few days while they made some changes. it's up and running now.
  13. Thank heavens! What would we do without ELux????:wtf:

    I hadn't noticed, but I'm glad it's working now!
  14. How cute!