Ordering from Coach

  1. If you phone in an order will they offer free shipping, or is that just when you order in the store?
  2. Standard Shipping is free.
  3. i knew i should've just been patient and ordered from a store or called. i could've saved my $8.50.
  4. Shipping is free if you call in the order ? Damn! I wish I hadn't paid the $8.50, too!
  5. aw. this makes me sad now...:sad:
  6. Well add me to the list... I paid $8.50 too. Oh well. LOL
  7. No, I just called and asked and she said no, you still have to pay for shipping for the phone in orders.
  8. Yea, that's what I thought. I just placed an order 2 days ago through the 800 number, and they charged me for shipping. :shrugs:
  9. Me too. I thought you had to order from a store to get free shipping so I didn't bother. But you can call the 800 number and get free shipping? I won't order online again unless I have a mighty good reason to blow 8.50! Do that a few times and it equals a charm or mini skinny!

    I wondered something else... if you call an outlet and have them ship something to you, do you pay the outlet price or do you pay the original full price? I may have to get over my fear of unfriendly sales people and make some calls!

    edit: thanks, handbag helen, for the info. Makes me feel slightly better.
  10. i'm inclined to say it's the original price. but that's only because people seem turned off by having to pay full price (and i originally thought it was the outlet price...but then i was like, okay, you're jsut not getting that additional 20% or whatever. didn't seem like a big deal)...sooo...i just figure it was retail price. :shrugs:

    did that even make sense?
  11. LOL! Yeah, must be full price, not the 20% off, since people have fussed about it? I suppose if it's a bag you just have to have and you have to pay full price rather than outlet price then no biggie. I live so far from an outlet that it wouldn't be worth the 20% saved because I'd spend it in gas! So presently I have the following options; macys.com, coach.com, a local coach store and a local outlet store. (local as in a 4 hour drive!) Oh, and I have a Macy's store an hour drive from me!
  12. I called 8 outlets looking for a bag earlier this week and all of them said they don't ship anymore. :sad:
  13. either way, it's only $8.50. we love coach more than $8.50. although it is always nice to save.
  14. and NO, outlets won't ship, unless you pay FULL price!
  15. Oh, well! I'm doing pretty well at acquiring a nice little collection via Macy's and Coach.com so I won't complain! And even if I pay shipping, I still am saving money since I'm not at the boutique and outlet on a daily or weekly basis! LOL! Thanks for the info!