Ordering from CA, which NM or Saks doesn't charge tax ?

  1. I can't find the thread anymore but I remember someone mentioned not being charged tax at certain Chanel counters at NM or Saks when she ordered from California. Does anyone remember where?
  2. Sorry I need to rephrase my question:

    Living in CA, where can I order Chanel bag to avoid paying 8.25% CA sales tax?:shame:
  3. From my understanding you can only avoid the tax if you have it shipped to a state that does not have that particular store. For me, I live in SC which does not have a NM or Nordies. If I order from there I do not pay sales tax. If I order from Saks (which we have one in SC) I do get charged. CA has everything, so unless you have it shipped to another state I think you are out of luck on this one :sad:
  4. in CA, the only dept store that i can think of that isn't here is Bergdorf Goodman.
  5. ^^That is true. I forgot about BG
  6. yep, only from stores that we dont have in ca, like BG.
  7. I have ordered from Bergdorf and have not paid tax here in CA. So I got a Bergdorf card and purchase from Neimans. If I ship it to a friend, I don't get charged tax, however, it doesn't always work. Good luck
  8. I live in CA also and I have ordered from Chanel SoHo twice and Saks NYC once, and I wasn't charged tax on any of those purchases.
  9. I ordered from Chanel boutique, but had to pay my county tax.
  10. i just ordered a bag from NYC with Saks. i was not charged sales tax. it was amazing!!!! if you would like the SA's number, PM me. He is sooo sweet!!!! (i don't know if this applies to all Saks though)
  11. If you order from a Saks store that is not in your state and they are shipping the item directly to you from that store.. (means no store search and computer order), then they only charge you shipping and no tax... I did it twice with both NY and FL saks..

    Both the item has to be in there store (they can't order from other one) ... then you are set~!! =)
  12. Hmm, well for me, Joseph (a wonderfully sweet SA) tracked down my bag for me and he found it in Ohio, and I still didn't have to pay tax. I had to pay shipping, although he said if absolutely super important, he coudl probably get it waived. Also, i asked about the whole tax thing and he said it was because Saks had a deal where it would be saks that would be paying the tax, so it wasn't like it was waived entirely (just the taxes were pushed onto saks)? not too clear.
  13. I have bought bags from both Neiman Marcus and Saks in Nevada. Saks sent it to me without tax. NM sent it without tax if they can designate it as a "gift" (addressed to another address, another name). But alot of Saks don't carry Chanel.
  14. So informative! Love you guys! I will be sure to check Saks first, as my experience with Neimans has been so erratic (I could tell you stories!)
  15. My Saks SA used to send me bags and not charge tax - she would send it as a gift and someone this allowed her to not charge tax. Well, one day she was no longer working at Saks and rumor has it that she was fired because corporate discovered that she was not charging tax. :sad: Evidently her sales were audited and they found out she was not charging tax on shipments to states that saks had a presence in (which requires a store to pay sales tax). If this happened in one store, it may happen in other saks stores as well.