Ordering from BalNY

  1. I'm about to purchase my first bbag and I decided to have it shipped from BalNY.
    So... What do I do and how do I do it? lol
    Do I call them? Do I even have the correct number? (212.206.0872?) Do I email them instead? Can anyone give me their email, please? How does it all work? Will they be able to just take my info over the phone or do I have to fill out a form and fax it to them?
    Please, help a newbie out. Thank you so-so much!
  2. I would give them a call, ask if they have what you want in stock. Then they will email you a charge authorization that you can fax back... then voila! bag addiction begins!
  3. I bought my first balenciaga bag from New York. I just called them up, asked what colors they had and that was it. I don't think you can return it though. Maybe store credit only from what I can remember. Good luck!! After the first one, you'll want another one too!
  4. Yeah just give them a call and let them know what style and color you're looking for and then they'll start the ordering process! but beware: you can only get store credit. so make sure its a color you really want and make sure you let them know what type of leather you want and it will be on its way!!
  5. Does anyone have any international experience?? Are they willing to decrease the value on the customs form?
  6. Do they send you the bag in a Balenciaga box? The Neimans doesn't have them. Do they have a website? Can't seem to find it. Thanks
  7. BalNY will send you your bal bag in a bal box, yes. NM carries bbags as well, just not online. you can go into your local store or call one and they can ship it to you!
  8. The first time you order from them, you have to fax them your info...then after that you are set and you can do phone orders no problem!
  9. my bag from BalNY did NOT come with a balbox :cry:
  10. I bought from BalNY a couple times, and I got the white boxes. That was 2 years ago though. I discovered AlohaRag afterwards...
  11. I haven't gotten the box with my Bal bag purchases... :sad:
  12. I was thinking of buying from BalNY
    but I won't be in NYC for a few months.. maybe I should wait???

    Do they still charge tax when it's a phone order?
    I want to go to the actual store & buy it.. but the tax is going to kill me~ If they dont take tax over phone orders, I might do the phone order...
  13. I believe they only charge tax for items either bought in the store or shipped to NY or NJ. I don't think their LA store is open yet so no tax for CA orders yet. They do charge shipping, however and Aloha Rag doesn't charge shipping or tax and usually has a good selection of bags.
  14. I ordered from BalNY last week and there was no tax because I am in CA. My Mogano City did NOT come with a Bal box...just a dustbag :sad:
  15. Thank you so much, ladies! I've just faxed them the charge authorisation form and my bag will be shipped tomorrow.
    I am soooo excited! I have no words!