Ordering from Bal Paris

  1. Hey guys, I was thinking of ordering from Balenciaga Paris and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them?
    I'm in Singapore so I'm a little anxious about the shipping costs and whether or not they'll know what I'm talking about because returns will be a pain :push:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I just ordered from them the other day (I'm in the US) and got great service. There was no tax and I believe the shipping fee was 53.39 euros. I received my bag within three days. You'll need access to a fax machine to place an order. They'll send you a purchase form via fax and you'll return it to them along with copies of your cc info and id. They knew about the different colors I was speaking of (I used the french color names rather than what BalNY uses) and most SA's speak fluent english. Good luck!
  3. Do you have a number of eMail address. What was the name of the SA?
  4. Cracker, do you know what do they have atm?

    TIA :heart:
  5. Hmm... I was thinking of ordering from Paris too.. but are the prices cheaper than Aloha Rag?? Thanks :smile:
  6. glossgal......The SA I used was Nathalie. I've also spoken to a few other SA's there on different occassion and they were all very helpful. They prefer you contact them via phone.

    akisato......I'm not sure if I'm answering question correctly but they take credit/debit cards. You need to provide your card info via fax rather than phone and make photo copies of your cards and id.

    griffinhearts......not sure if they are cheaper than AR. My PT normally would be $1645 through BalNY and at BalParis, it was $1528 including shipping.
  7. Cracker...Do still have Violet coin purses and bags that have sold out here?
    How do you reach them by phone? Thanks for your help. :yes:
  8. I'm not sure what they have in stock for violet. Their number is (33) 01 47 20 21 11. If you're calling from the US, dial 011 1 47 20 21 11.
  9. cracker thanks alot!!! I gave them a call a while back but I couldn't really think of how to describe anthracite! I really want something GH!
    and girlfriend I heard they didn't bring in any wallet/small violet pieces (that's waht I was told) but they're getting stuff in in batches so you should give them a call.. I got the number off the balenciaga.com site!
  10. Thanks Greyballoon & Cracker. Will they fax you info about what they have in stock?
  11. Cracker, I have never purchase from outside USA before, do you get charged for customs duty here in USA ? What is the max for purchase to get off of customs duty ?
  12. girlfriend.....you need to call to see what's available.

    gallicaroses.......I wasn't charged customs for this purchase. I don't know if I just lucked out or what? The only thing I paid extra for was shipping.
  13. I think on larger charges you pay, usually they ship with DHL or LVR ships with Fedex, you dont pay on the spot, they bill you. Its usually 10% of the value + a small fee. On an LVR purchase of $2100 I paid about $230 to fedex, the bill came like 45 days after delivery. I have also received purchases for under $500 and never had to pay duty.

    it depends also, some places have the duty pre-paid (they dont take off the VAT).

    Bal Paris takes off the VAT but you end up paying half what you saved in customs duties. Most of the time they are on key and charge you for smaller charges maybe not, but then it may jist be pure luck. In all my purchases from the UK, Paris, Italy anything over $500 I have paid duty.

    But dont let that scare you away because they take off the vat, and by doing that, the end price with the duty charged is still a little less of whatever the USA price is. I hope this makes sense.....
  14. ^^^ that's good to know.
  15. i`m just after receiving a bag from them and the day i called them they were just receiving a big delivery - it was about a week ago( lots of violet apparently )...i presume its not all sold yet ;)