Ordering from 866Vuitton

  1. When you order from the 866 number, what do you have to do?
    Just have your credit card ready? Or do you have to fax them info before ordering?
    I'm starting to get into a panic over the heart accessory!:sweatdrop:
    I don't have a LV boutique nearby so I'm hoping between stalking eluxury and calling 866, I can score one.
  2. i think those coin purses were wait list only....
    but i think if you call 866, they might get one for you...
  3. :yes: :yes: , I would try calling a few stores and checking out their waitlist lengths...you will probably have better luck that way!
  4. Thanks!
  5. I agree with all the previous comments. You should definitely call different stores and put your name on the waitlist.
  6. Yeah, even if you don't have a store nearby, call the closest one and get on a waitlist .... I think they can ship it to you if you give them your cc #.
  7. If you can order from e-luxury, you can save on the tax since it's tax free except for CA & TN residents.