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  1. Hi,

    I have a question regarding orders from 1866VUITTON. I had inquired about an item and gave my payment information today. The woman over the phone said she will try and locate one. How will I know if it has been located or when it will be shipped? I wish I had wrote down her name! This is my first time using this service so forgive me:shame:
  2. She will call to tell you she has found one and to make sure it is okay to go ahead with the order. They did that when I got a few things over 866
  3. She will call and let you know
  4. I call there all the time regarding products but I have only ordered once through them and it was fine. I ordered the MC belt in black back in 2004 and she made me hold the line while she located it and when she did she took my payment info and it arrived to me within a few days. I'm sure she will get back to you regarding the item you inquired about.
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