Ordering for PCE--What's the official policy?

  1. I dropped by my local boutique this afternoon, planning to order a Bleecker bag that was on the Japanese website. I called customer service ahead of time to confirm that it was in stock and available to order. I was told I could use my PCE discount if I ordered through the boutique.

    I got to the boutique, which was crammed with people, and I asked an SA about using my PCE for an order. She replied that PCE only applied to the items that were in the store at that moment. So, I left empty handed and disappointed as the red patent wristlet I wanted was sold out.

    Now, I'm confused. Can you use your PCE discount on orders or not?
  2. Seems to depend on the SA and/or the boutique. I was able to preorder a couple items that haven't been officially released yet, and apply the PCE.
  3. I was able to order the white Bleecker duffle and matching wallet that is on the Japan site with PCE. If it is available from Jax, I think most SA's will try to order it.

    Good Luck,
  4. Items that are in the store at the moment? If you took that literally it would mean you couldnt even order a bag from JAX if they were out of a style so thats not right. It sounds like you just got an SA who couldnt be bothered to place an order for you and go through the process. I would try to go again when it isnt so busy and speak with a manager. You should be able to order that as far as I know, other people on here have done it
  5. Try talking to another SA or going to another store location. My sister was trying to find the Signature Denim Stripe Tote during the November PCE but it was no longer available in stores. We called everywhere. It had to be ordered from JAX. We went to the store and had it ordered and the PCE was applied. I was also purchasing a bag at the store so I don't know if that changed anything.

    I don't see why it can't be applied. It isn't your fault that the item can be ordered but isn't in stores anymore... Or what if they don't have the color you want because they are sold out. It isn't your fault that they don't have enough items in stock.
  6. Snowflake

    Are you in Canada by any chance? If so, then it is true that you can ONLY use PCE on items in the store at the moment. Even if a bag is current and sold out, you cannot order from JAX and use PCE. I live in Vancouver and shop at the downtown store ALL the time. The manager explained to me that she knows I am a good customer and she would love to be able to do this for me but that Canada has a different computer system than the USA does and they are unable to order stuff and use PCE on it because the system will not let them at the current time. She said that this will change in the spring when they will adopt the same system as the US and then we WILL be able to order stuff from JAX and use PCE on it.
  7. biggestbaglover,

    Thank you! It all makes sense now. Indeed, I am in Canada. It's at times like these, when being in Canada can be incredibly annoying. If I'm lucky, my bag will still be available to order when Spring PCE rolls around.
  8. Well if those in the US want to place an order and the SAs cannot find it on their system, don't give up. Their computer system is really messed up, I called JAX right before I went to the store to ensure that the item I want is available. But when they checked on the system, it was no longer available.

    I hope everyone gets lucky to get an SA who is patient enough to try different ways and means to find the items you are looking for.
  9. "technically" that is what the card states on the back. No holds, phone orders, etc...

    Now, most S.A.s will let you order from JAX and some will let you do a phone order and even apply it to a back order, but I have NEVER heard of them stating it was only what was in the store. Any other stores in your area or go back and speak to a manager?
  10. She is from Canada and unfortunately this IS the policy for us due to a different computer system than what the USA has. Another store wouldn't be able to help.
  11. Here's some sad news that I received from my SAs (they work at two different Coach stores).... Coach has new policy regarding the shipping of sale shoes: Per the store or SA's discretion, you can be charged a $10 shipping me for delivery of a sale shoe. This came up today when I ordered another pair of shoes that were on sale. The SA gave me the PCE 25% discount but wanted to charge me a $10 shipping fee. The fee ended up being waived since the store hadn't yet shipped out my previous PCE phone order. However, I was told that next time around, they probably wouldn't be able to waive the fee. Has anyone else been told this by their SA? I'm just curious because thus far for this month's PCE, I've ordered a total of 4 pair of sale shoes from one particular Coach store, along with two tote bags.