Ordering fine jewellery??

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  1. Recently my SA (new to me) helped me order a piece of fine jewellery which will take approx 6-9months to arrive. I have fully paid for the item and she mentioned that remains a deposit and can only be transferred as under my account / quota after the product is actually delivered to me.

    Has anyone got similar experience or does it vary store to store? Just find it weird that considering I have fully paid for the jewellery the spending should be accounted for as soon as I paid?
  2. Country?
  3. HK :smile:
  4. That is odd... don't see how she can say it's a deposit when you've already paid in full. Hardly seems fair she won't take the spending into account...
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  5. Is it a piece of high valued fine jewellry or just a normal/ generic one? Cos sometimes SAs would juggle around with the spendings if the ordering is in a decent amount.
  6. The receipt she gave me does actually say Deposit on the top right... But still not coming to terms re timing of the transfer under my account.

    To provide more bg, been trying to get a Constance from her. And spent US8k within the month (half of it is the fine jewellery “deposit”)....

    If this is really a store policy, then of course I’ll respect that. But if that is another means to achieve more spending, then thats another story....
  7. Hi, thank you. It is definitely not the high end of the spectrum, it is at give take 4.8 USD?
  8. Cos in some cases, store managers are cautious of high valued orders, especially for made-to-measure pieces, where customers sometimes decide to reject their orders upon delivery and their spendings would end up as store credits, which understandably they would try to avoid, and approve quota bags purchases in between.
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  9. Definitely sounds fishy. Getting a C24 doesn’t require pre-spend at the moment in HKG. A C18 is also possible with very little pre-spend. Are you trying to get an exotic?
  10. I understand - it is not a made to measure piece, just a necklace with diamonds lol. so hardly I can reject, unless I decide I do not love it and want to return and then the store credit theory will kick in..

    I heard about walkins being able to score so I was quite surprised that asking for a larger size will still require me to spend, and not by a little.. plus I do have some purchase history in HKG but not consistently with one SA. I am just asking for an ordinary leather. Truth is, I have stopped shopping in HKG for a long time and I thought it is time to get back into it and decided to look for a SA to build up a rapport with. Would you have any advice?
  11. TBH, I would take my business elsewhere. This SA does not have good intentions for you when Constances aren't even that hard to buy right now during this COVID outbreak. In the past month, I have seen treasured bags like C24 exotic and B35 exotic sitting on the shelf without a "Display Only" sign i.e. any walk-in can buy them. If I were you, I'd try visiting different shops and see if you have any luck with the SAs there. I myself visited 3 different shops in Hong Kong, chatted to around 6 or 7 different SAs before settling on my current SA. There's no rush to commit to an SA immediately - just drop by every now and then, buy small items and see what happens.
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  12. Thanks, I am currently trying another SA in another store but she gives off similar vibes. Unwilling to be transparent and no solid promises haha, but I am learning to be smarter this time before another big splurge!
    I know what you mean, I saw this exotic C24 last week or so in one of the stores and I tried it on and could have bought if I wanted to... but was not looking for exotics so I passed.
  13. No I did not mean to say you will; what I was trying to say is that there were indeed precedented cases, hence some SAs would avoid counting the deposit as spendings. I reckon it's best to try and approach a senior staff or store manager to reflect your concerns, as your new SA clearly has a rather big 'appetite'.
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  14. Do remember that the artisan work shops in France are currently closed so no new product will be shipping any time soon. They may be rationing the current stock they have more judiciously in this current climate to try to see them through until things rebound a bit. Also, its always been my experience (in the USA, anyway) that exotics are much easier to get due to price point reducing the demand. Good luck!
  15. Haha, cannot agree more on the big appetite part.

    Thanks :smile: