Ordering Coach catalog

  1. Are they pretty fast with getting them out to you if you sign up to get one online?
  2. I've never ordered on online. But I hope you get one asap.
  3. Usually about a week. A couple times I had to request a second time. I think you have to request one each time a new one is available. I just put in my request for the new one the other day...hope it arrives soon.
  4. Great, thanks alot.
  5. I've never had to do it multiple times...once you request it once, I believe you're "on the list" and get it whenever the new one comes out.
  6. ^i ALWAYS have to request them each time. which is why i just get mine in store now.
  7. I got mine in about 5 days when i requested 4 one online.
  8. I get them rather quickly when I order them online. Sometimes I automatically get one and sometimes I don't. I ended up with 4 of the last one.