Ordering canvas strap for Bolide

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  1. I'm interested in ordering a canvas strap for my Bolide and was wondering if anyone here has done that before. Is it possible to order the adjustable length strap and prices would be greatly appreciated. TIA.
  2. I ordered the adjustable length strap for my Bolide. It's been close to a year now and it still isn't here. I hate to say it but I didn't even ask the price!
  3. So it is possible then. I'm going to my store in Chicago next week and plan to have my SA order it. I think I will get more use out of the bag if I can get a strap like that, especially with a 2-year-old kid :smile:

  4. I don't know the color of your bag, but sometimes a canvas strap appears on eBay. I have never seen and adjustable one. Usually they measure it to you prior to making it.
  5. gracekelly, that's a good suggestion to keep an eye out on eBay. The bag is a rouge H fjord though so I may not have too much luck on eBay. Are the ends of the straps leather like my Evelyn's? If that's the case, they would have to get the same leather, right???
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  6. GK They do make adjustable straps. I ordered an adjustable strap for my Bolide but mine is all leather.
    Scarlett'sBag I don't think it matters if its leather or canvas but I know you can do it!!
  7. Rouge H Fjord Bolide :nuts: that's my HG...anyway, a Rouge H Fjord strap with phw appeared on a reseller site recently (it is already sold though), so it's not as rare as you might expect. Good luck!
  8. I use the strap from my Evelyne. It's perfect length.
  9. I had a strap made for my kelly. It was $330. But not adjustable -- just custom measured.
  10. Thanks for all your input. Now I know I can do it. I'm going to try my Evelyn's strap on the Bolide to see if I like it (didn't even occur to me to try that, thanks dolphingirl!)
  11. I hope you can get one sorted out.
  12. I've purchased several straps a la carte and managed to grab two at the H sale in Manhattan last week. There are two different lengths but none of them are adjustable. You'll find them from time to time on e-bay and the various other reputable sellers.

  13. I ordered a canvas strap for my Bolide at the end of spring/early summer....i just was told it is in. So...about 3-4 months? It was $350. Seattle/Bellevue Hermes.
  14. Three years + ago, when I got my raisin Bolide thru Houston, I ordered a canvas strap. A year or more ago, Jeremy, the manager there, told me that canvas straps were no longer being made. I was in San Francisco last week, asked about my order, and they did not have it. However, I was able to meet with the LOVELY Dominic, who personally consulted with and measured me for a canvas strap. I am not pleased with Houston's handling of this ( I have a new SA, as mine from 3 yrs ago has retired). I am very happy with San Francisco's response. Just thought I would share for anyone else who might be waiting for a strap.
  15. I was told just two months ago by the craftwoman at the Beverly Hills store that Hermes was no longer making the canvas strap for the Bolide. So I had to order a leather strap for my Chèvre Coromandel Bolide.