ordering by phone...

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  1. so I just called the 866 # to inquire about a few prices for some items and also asked her about ordering through the phone (either call 866# or a boutique). she then said that when ordering over the phone you need to be near a fax machine as they will send an agreement that you have to sign regarding the total amount of your order and that you have in fact spoken to them about ordering....

    I was just wondering if anyone has ordered over the phone and has done this!?!?! thanks...
  2. Hi, I didn't sign anything.I guess you have to sign an agreement due to big amount.
  3. oh..ahhaa...that might be it, cuz I inquired the prices for the MC wapity, HL, Baggy PM and Saleya PM...I guess she thought I was gonna buy them all at once....hahahah, I wish:love: :drool: ...

    that makes sense now....they're very vague when explaining things at the 866 #.

  4. LOL..Plus incase it's a fraud doing shopping spree :P
  5. :roflmfao: omg..I'm just going over our phone conversation and I prolly sounded like fraud cuz I said something like "the only fax machine near me is at work, so I guess I gotta order it when I'm at work...." ahha..oh man...I feel like a nerd!

    thanks for clearing it up for me Nita!!! that was a good laugh before I have to hit up the books!

  6. OMG....it's too funny! :roflmfao: I would think you were a fraud too for wanting to order so many thing at once..
  7. when you purchase via phone you do need to fill out an agreement with cc number and photo id if the store has not dealt with you before...once on file it is different...if you are new to LV it is standard protocol to make sure you are who you say you are etc...safety procedure to avoid problems etc...

  8. are there separate files for countries?! Cuz I know when I was getting my pochette in Toronto the SA asked if I bought from LV before, and I said I did but in New Jersey...but I guess he didn't want to set up a new file for me cuz he just used my bf since my bf just bought a bag 3 hours prior to getting my bag. Therefore, does that mean I should use my boyfriend's file when I order (that kinda seems shady though...) or make a new one?! ugh..I wish I lived near a LV....*sigh*
  9. You know what's interesting?

    So I purchased my Bedford over the phone like 2 weeks ago. When I called the first time to make the purchase, the call center lady located the bag for me and transferred me over to a boutique. It was the SA in the boutique who completed my order and sent the bag to me. I just gaver her my cc and that's it, all set.

    Several days later, I wanted to see the status of my order, so I called 866 again. I was not given an order number or ref number, so the lady on the phone had to ask my name and zip code in order to find my order. She couldn't find my bedford order but found my recent elux order :confused1: I found it pretty amazing. But she finally got it figured out.

  10. no never! its always been very quick and easy. I wonder why they asked you this?
  11. Yes, probably because you inquired about so much lol.
  12. Wow! I never knew you had to provide all this information just to buy something?:confused1: Guess I've been shopping with them too long>:nuts:
    Anyhoo... this is great future info ref.

    OT.. Where is your Tulum pic, girl? You promise ppl here by this wknd..:P

  13. i'm sure! lol
  14. I've never had to fill out an agreement when ordering through customer relations!
  15. the policy has been in place for a little while in Canada anyway...they fill out your order and fax it to you and you must sign it....it is a way for them to insure no cc fraud and cover themselves...once your SA knows you well and you are in the system it is not necessary...anyone could call with a fake cc and order things ect. ect....and they do not know you so you sign the form and if there are any problems the boutique has proof...I think it is a good idea until your boutique knows you...what if your purse was stolen and someone called LV and made all kinds of purchases...it protects you and them until they get to know you...I like the policy...they shred the agreement after so no worries

    pinki...pics to come soon...love my tulum