Ordering/buying a B-bag..

  1. I know this has been mentioned somewhat in various posts but I wanted to know for sure.. If you want a B-bag & call around to various stores, i.e. Bal NY, NM or Barney's & they have what you are looking for, do you just do an over the phone transaction? Also, am I correct that you can ask them to look for a bag with the "best" color or least veiny, etc.. With Aloha Rag, I read that they email you a form? Thanks in advance, I've never ordered one before & I don't live where there is a store that carries them. All of my B-bags have been off Ebay (& OK that 1 fake Bluefly bag-but that doesn't count :rolleyes: ) So can you ladies help me so I don't sound stupid when I call?
  2. Hi Acegirl -

    Yep, just call the stores (NM, Barneys) directly and talk with the sales rep to pick out a nice bag from their stock. I've had great experience with sales reps to describe the actual bag's leather, color etc. Give 'em your cc # and address and off it goes!

    I just ordered an Ink City from Barney's Copley Square (yahoo!!!) :yahoo: Check out some other bbag threads for recommendations on NM and Barney's and the NY Bal locations and sales reps.

    Good luck!!! :biggrin:
  3. my only experience was with Bal NY and so i'll fill you in on the details:

    i phoned them up, asked for joseph (he actually answered the phone) and told him exactly what i was looking for. he confirmed the cost of the bag + $ 70USD int'l shipping (i'm in canada) and told me he would call me in a few hours once he had found what i wanted. by 2:30 that afternoon, i was on the phone with him again and he was describing the bag he had found for me. after providing him with my address and cc info, the bag went out UPS that night. i received it 2 days later and was thrilled with his selection. hope this helps!:smile:
  4. I dont know about Aloharag, but Bal NY will do all of the above for you. The only thing is if you get it and dont like it you have 10 to make an exchange or get store credit. If you are outside of NY there is no sales tax on your purchase.
  5. Aloha Rag will email you a form, you email it or fax it back and they send the bag out the very same or the next day, Federal Express, no shipping charge, no tax! I ordered an Emerald green city on Thursday and had it on Monday, it came in the white Balenciaga box too. If you
    decide to go the Barneys route, I have an excellent sales rep in the
    Beverly Hills store, pm me and I will give you her number if you are interested. :smile:
  6. Thanks ladies, you've been a great help:idea:
  7. No shipping or tax?!? That is great - by the way how do you like your emerald? Thinking of an emerald work for Mother's Day for myself.
  8. Hi: Yes no shipping and no tax, and they ship Fed. Ex! They have the
    Emerald work as well. I am loving the Emerald, the color is really rich
    and looks great with Summer whites and into Fall with Brown and black
    as well........laughing....I'm a Balenciaga commercial! I almost got the
    Emerald work myself, but I just bought the Olive work, so I thought a
    city would be better. I'm going to post a picture soon, but I think you
    would love it, expecially if you like green, keep us posted!:biggrin: :yes: